Until last week I could see all pdf files on lyx screen. but now I get the message “error converting to loadable format” for both eps and pdf. ln·-s·/usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick\@6//bin/con. vert·/usr/local/bin/convert¶ . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I recently installed in Windows XP and Mac OSX.4, and have been receiving the same error when inserting EPS format graphics: “Error converting to .

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Recently I moved from 9. The “Error converting loadable format” messages are displayed instead pdf graphics. I found that LyX uses ‘convert’ command from imagemagick to convert pdf to ppm file.

It is called with following arguments:. Using the current page size.

Unrecoverable ot, exit code 1 convert: No such file or directory pdf. The problem is in “-define pdf: Without this option everything works Ok.


Cannot display EPS files inside Lyx

Workaround is quite simple and may be done on per-user basis, whithout root privileges. You can overwrite stock convertDefault. I attach fixed convertDefault.

Lyx can not show pdf graphics due to bug in imagemagick Bug reported by nick on This bug report is a duplicate of: Gs bug crash imagemagick. This bug affects 2 people.

Reproducing this bug is very simple, just open lyx, create new file and insert pdf graphics. It is called with following arguments: Add tags Tag help.

Verified on debian version.

Changed in imagemagick Ubuntu: According to upstream it is a bug in ghostscript! Therefore add a blocking bug on gs.

Error converting to loadable format for EPS

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