Quotes from and biographical information on Lynn Grabhorn. Lynn Grabhorn is the author of Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ), The Excuse Me, Your Life Is. Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting has ratings and reviews. Tami said: You get what you want out of life, exactly what you want. Why aren’t you ri.

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Lynn Grabhorn was a student of the way in which thought and feelings format our lives. In the book, she introduces readers to the Law of Attraction and clarifies why most of our dreams have never materialized. With explanations, examples, and easy steps, she shows how to turn it all around. Grabhorn increased her income percent in just one year by following the principles in Excuse Me. She has written a number of other books to help people complete their understanding of our universe and figure out where they lyynn to end up.

Her first book, Beyond the Twelve Steps, has been highly praised. Lynn Grabhorn frabhorn her working life in advertising in New York City and then became the founder and manager of an audiovisual educational publishing company in Los Angeles.

To find the nearest study or support group to help maintain grabhorh focus of her life-changing principles, visit her website at www.


We get what we get by the way we feel, not by trying to garbhorn things into place or control or minds. No one lives beyond this law because it is the law of the universe. In it, she introduces us to the Law of Attraction and explains why most of our dreams have never materialized.

In the opening chapter, she sets the tone of the book:. We reach out anywhere and everywhere for relief from the tedium and struggle of daily living, yet the vast majority of us are still looking. How come we continue to whack and scratch like frantic mad dogs to get what we want, when all along the key to obtaining grzbhorn innermost desires has been as elemental as life itself? If you really think that things come to you by some stroke of good or bad luck, or by accident, or coincidence, or by knocking your brains out against some very unsympathetic stone walls, then get a grip.

This book could be dangerous to your discontent.

Lynn Grabhorn (Author of Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting)

Grabhorn shows us how to create the lives that we want. It has only to do with how we are vibrating! Which means feeling, which means attracting. In the book, Grabhorn defines four steps to help you bring into your life whatever is your passion:. The steps appear to be simple and counterintuitive to many things that we have learned in the past. But the system works. The book teaches us how to sense energy by checking in with the attached emotion around or behind a given situation.


In Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, Grabhorn teaches us to use the steps and how to manifest what we want in our lives. In a nutshell, we get what we dwell on. Take the Self Improvement Tour. Get Updates from Expert. Law of Attraction Expert.

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In the opening chapter, she sets the tone of the book: From that, identify graghorn you DO want. Get into the feeling place of what you want. Expect, listen, and allow it to happen. Free Self Improvement Newsletters. Modifying Inflammation with Magnetic Fields. Anti-Aging and Cellular Injury.

Lynn Grabhorn – World-Renowned Industry Leader

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