This one, detailed in a page chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs that preceded an act of. chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs another “massacre,” the one in April at the Arab village of Deir Yassin. Lydda, HOW DID ZIONISM ARRIVE IN THE VALLEY OF LYDDA? JUST AS IT. ARRIVED in some of Palestine’s other valleys and plains. In the autumn of.

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These words in Yiddish stopped me in my tracks, I froze. Everything was taken—watches, jewelery, wedding rings, wallets, gold. We gathered everyone in the cemetery.

The fall of an Arab town in 1948

This edition Read Books Israel plans new West Bank settler housing project by Bethlehem, dubbed E2. The visit was rescheduled for 14 July; Dani HQ ordered Israeli troops to remove the bodies by then, but the order seems not to have been carried out.

Retrieved from ” https: There, it ran under an expanded title: Just step out or get your head shaved. They were dumbstruck and despairing.

Morris finds Guttman’s account subjective and impressionistic p. Yet how it was written bears on how it should be read, and how 9148 grains of salt the reader needs to add.

Lydda is an integral and essential part of the story. Indeed, in none of these accounts, including his own, did Bulldozer fire his weapon on his own initiative.

The Making of the Arab—Israeli Conflict — Morris calls this “nonsense” and argues that only a few dozen townspeople took part in what turned out to be a brief firefight. He writes that Ben-Gurion was in the habit of expressing his orders clearly, whether verbally or in writing, and would not have issued an order by waving his hand; he adds that there is no record of any meetings before the invasion that indicate expulsion was discussed.


Lydda, They were there « Martin Kramer on the Middle East

Benny Morris writes that David Ben-Gurion and the IDF were largely left to their own devices to decide how Palestinian Arab residents were to be treated, without the involvement of the Cabinet and other ministers.

Soviet Union United Arab Republic. The surrender document declares that the Arab residents lydad the town could choose to leave, “if they want to”; implicit, and understood by ltdda from both sides who signed the agreement, was that the Arabs could also choose to stay.

Daughters of al-Shabab What draws Kenyan women to join al-Shabab and what challenges are they facing when they return to their communities?

He was in his second year at medical school in Beirut at the time, but returned to Lydda when he heard the Israelis had arrived in Jaffa, and was subsequently one of those expelled. Kahanovich received an order and obeyed it. Guttman later wrote about Lydda under the pseudonym “Avi-Yiftah”. Thousands of Ramle residents began moving out of the town on foot, or in trucks and buses, between 10 and 12 July.

Engelbert — Israel is not fascist, ludda matter how many time you repeat it. But what supposedly did happen in the small mosque?

Editor of NewYorker magazine. The same museum also holds transcripts of relevant interviews archived in the Yigal Allon Museum at Kibbutz Ginosar. Shapira writes that they focused on thePalestinian Arabs who were uprooted by the war, not on the 6, Jews who died during it, and assessed the behavior of the Jewish state as they would that of any other.


The shutters were drawn tight against the sound of nearby explosions. According to Lustick, although it was known in academic circles that the Palestinians had left because of expulsions and intimidation, it was largely unknown to Israeli Jews until Morris’s The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, — appeared in Beneath the illusion of a temporary occupation lies apartheid.

Rather than trying to minimise the past, I think it is more helpful to think about how you will relate to such people and their families in the present day. Between anger and denial: He did so on the evening on July Their veiled mothers and lysda were carrying food and water to the cage, arguing with the Jewish sentries and pulling their sleeves, obviously lyfda unafraid.

The organizers also invited Shavit, but he was off collecting accolades in south Florida.

Of course, in such a situation, there are all sorts of deviations and sorts of things. Kadish and Sela I was the youngest participant on the panel, and nearly the youngest person in the lecture hall, which was full of veterans of Lydda and many other battles of