grew up in the South, Zora Neale Hurston and Eudora Welty could hardly have lived more different lives. Hurston was motherless from the age of eight and had. Livvie by Eudora Welty. Solomon’s silver watch contained multifaceted significance with regard to his character and it’s effect on Livvie–it represented prestige. Livvie Eudora Weltys “Livvie”, is a great story on how life should be celebrated. The title, Livvie, indicates the vibrant life of the protagonist, Livvie. The story is.

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Eudora Welty has made significant contributions to the cause of American literature. Born inshe witnessed the causes and consequences of the Second World War, the Cold War and beyond. But her observations and insights into the collective American psyche during the twentieth century, especially that of the Southern states, would provide the material for her literary works.

Eudora Welty’s “Livvie” and the visual arts. – Free Online Library

Although Welty explored all forms of literary art, she is best remembered for her short stories. Her short stories are invariably part of twentieth century anthologies released by major publishing houses. The story in question, Livvie, has won both critical as well as popular acclaim.


This is reflected in the outer atmosphere, where the season transits to spring. The story revolves around the nuptial life of Livvie, who is married to a much older man, Solomon. Although the married life provides some personal security and eudorz, it lacks in passion.

This makes her feel that she is entraped in the relationship. One of the people whom she meets outside her domestic setting is Cash, the young farm worker, who offers Livvie an escape from the boredom of her marriage.

Livvie by Eudora Welty

But thereby, she takes the risk of abandoning the safety and security provided by the husband and entering an outside world where passion may be discovered at the cost of losing orderliness. The story is also remarkable for the motifs it employs to depict the inner spiritual journey.

As Welty has stated in interviews, she took inspiration from medieval texts such as the Book of Hours for the writing of the story. Livvie, in contrast, is tending toward the opposite view, as the metaphors employed by her illustrate.


Livvie by Eudora Welty – Term Paper Example

Eudora Welty, being an accomplished photographer, is renowned for her emphasis on the visual aspects of domestic and social settings. She brings this flavor to the short story Livvie as well.

The systematic, orderly and routine life led by Solomon is visually reinforced by describing the geometries of the house and the yard. As Welty had often stated, the visual imagery she uses in the story is derived from her travels in the Jackson country area.

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