5 abr. Ao todo, a Aleph deve publicar 17 títulos de Vianco até , () e Estrela da manhã (), que saem juntos, para a Bienal do Livro de. About André Vianco: Andre Vianco is now the Brazilian writer wins more readers of Estarei na Bienal do Livro nos dias 11 e 12 de agosto. 21 jun. Eterno viciado em filmes de terror, o paulista André Vianco sonhava com O campeão de vendas de Vianco é justamente seu primeiro livro.

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I feel that the author enters a state of euphoria and desire to just get the story that puts beings previously unthinkable in a late run and, in livroos case of this third volume, an ending somewhat unfinished.

But what about all the work?

It’s worth reading and all the time spent on the journey through these worlds created by him. I liked the book. I take to say that Andre is beast.

Scarium HomePage: Entrevista ao André Vianco

The first series begins with Benedict and the second series begins with The Seven. Follows the order of the books of the two series:. This series started with the book The Seven the author makes reference to a character he presents in the book “The Lord of Rain”.


Is quiser, can now read this book, since you finished “The Book of Job”. Very strongly recommend reading the book Benedict, because the story is ilvros exciting. Viando you for visiting! I do not know the work of Andre Vianco, most caught my attention their books when I passed in front of one tallow, I saw both search the net about the authortinha to complete trilogy na vitrine, I think a fascinating work put on paper what imagination producing.

A Noite Maldita | Exclusivo! Veja a capa do novo livro de André Vianco

I love books of Brazilian writers, one of my favorites is Peter Flag. Sometimes I really want to read certain books have no more money to buy them anyway find a cruel disregard download books from people who need to sell them to take your money. Surely intend to ljvros them briefly…. I agree when it was said that the volume 03 was written mid-run, the author must have been tired or the mind in another project.


In summary the works are great. Please, u have the book The Night Shift Vol.

Pdf to pass me? Because I’m not finding the net. Books like his rather have paper, decorating the shelf.

Furthermore, help the author to have more incentive to write new stories for us. Thanks for the comment!

I was always the most expected releases in the books. My Book of Job was already booked before they hit the shelves. But I was anre a bit. I thought he rescued many characters without giving due attention to them and the end left me wanting.

It was against the whole story.

But I told him that he will never lose my love and I’m waiting for volume three of the Vampires River Douro haha.