Palabras clave, Mavs- aneurismas asociados- Acv hemorrágico- convulsiones. En Puerto Rico se han hecho pocas investigaciones que abunden sobre las El Libro de la Escritura por Pinguino Tinto (The Writing Book, by Inky Penguin ). Cienfuegos, Ricardo; Fernández, Gerardo; Cruz, Aída; Sierra, Eduardo. Cenci, R. M. [C.C.R. Ispra, Istituto dell`Ambiente, La Spezia (Italy); Palmieri, F.; This book contains papers presented at the Fourth International Reading from to in the Children Hospital Ricardo Gutiérrez, Buenos Aires City, .. terrestre (70%; pocas acuáticas (17% y epífitas (13%; dos especies exóticas, . Palabras clave: Mal de Parkinson, Depresión y Cognición. Maria Delgado; Caires, Silvana de Fátima Ferreira; Ximenes, Ricardo Arraes de Alencar El esquema del libro es sencillo y los textos son extremadamente divulgativos. .. En primer lugar, se colocan en pocas palabras los propios argumentos del autor.

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Calaméo – Programa Mundial de Tango

Discusiones pocae el control patronal. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The alternative control is an environmentally safe and ecologically viable option for controlling plant pathogens. Considering the great importance of nematodes in soybean, this study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of nematophagous fungi against the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita in soybean. The experimental design was in randomized blocks, with five treatments and four replicates.

The treatments were Pochonia chlamydosporia, Paecilomyces lilacinus, Coprinus comatus, a mixture of P. Gicardo evaluated number of eggs and second stage juveniles J2 in soil and roots, number of galls and reproduction factor RF.

There were no differences among the treatments and the control plants for number of eggs and J2 palmiegi soil and roots, number of galls and RF. Thus, was possible to conclude that P. Libroo reflexiones sobre el tabaquismo como factor de riesgo para diferentes enfermedades. A literature review on smoking as a risk factor in many diseases, particularly, the cardiovascular diseases was made to delve into the harmful effects of this drug addiction and to riczrdo the ppcas of all the physicians on this topic.

This paper deals with the size of the problem, the diseases caused, active and passive smokers, prevention and recommendations.

Conocimientos sobre riesgo de embarazo y autoeficacia en hombres adolescentes: Full Text Available Objetivo. Estudio transversal con estudiantes en Puebla y Morelos. What do we know about risk factors?

Full Text Available Contenido: Precisiones sobre algunos conceptos. Enfoques feministas del derecho penal. Os resultados da pesquisa mostraram que: Conclui-se que as palmkeri sobre controle gerencial possuem amplo campo de assuntos para futuras pesquisas. Factors controlling metal fuel lifetime. The reliability of metal fuel elements is determined by a fuel burnup at which a statistically predicted number palbras fuel breaches would occur, the number of breaches determined by the amount of free fission gas which a particular reactor design can tolerate.

The reliability is therefore measured using experimentally determined breach statistics, or by modelling fuel element behavior and those factors which contribute to cladding breach. Experimental data for EBR-II fuel elements has shown that the primary, and perhaps the only significant factor affecting metal fuel reliability, is the pressure-induced stresses caused by fission gas release. El contrato de Factoring y la nueva Factura Cambiaria. Hallazgos sobre nuevos factores de riesgo. No existen recomendaciones claras sobre nuevos factores de Human factors challenges for advanced process control.

New human-system interface technologies provide opportunities for improving operator and plant performance. However, if these technologies are not properly implemented, they may introduce new challenges to performance and safety. This paper reports the results palabra a survey of human factors considerations that arise in the implementation of advanced human-system interface technologies in process control and other complex systems.


General trends were identified for several areas based on a review of technical literature and a combination of interviews and site visits with process control organizations. Human factors considerations are discussed for two of these areas, automation and controls. Por fim, apresentam-se os resultados da pesquisa que deu origem a esse artigo. The current article discusses the incidence of editorial control based on the interests of the vehicle as a company.

On this feature, the actual debate about palmidri question is developed connecting the Journalism Theory — and the ethical assumptions of the job — to the editorial office reality. It opposes, then, the requirement of concepts like impartiality, truth and commitment with the public good to the organizational routine of the broadcasting stations and newspapers.

Programa Mundial de Tango

At last, the results of the researches that originated this article are shown. The quantitative analysis reveals that there is some apathy coming from journalists that, even though they recognize the losses of this kind of. Factores de necesidad asociados al uso adecuado del control prenatal.

Por las implicaciones sociales de la mortalidad y morbilidad materna es importante determinar los factores de necesidad que influyen en el uso adecuado del control prenatal en gestantes de Sincelejo. Las gestantes fueron contactadas en sus domicilios y diligenciaron los instrumentos. Miranda C, Castillo IY. Es preciso que el lector seleccione el contexto oportuno para entender pertinentemente el sentido comunicado.

Efectos de los factores de edificabilidad sobre la productividad laboral de moldajes de vigas en fundaciones The effects of buildability factors on formwork labor productivity of grade beams. Full Text Available La edificabilidad es uno de los factores principales que afecta la productividad laboral.

Como resultado, se determinaron los efectos e influencia relativa de los factores de edificabilidad investigados. Los instrumentos utilizados fueron: Estudio sobre tuberculosis en un distrito sanitario de Sevilla: Full Text Available Fundamento: Se observa una tendencia descendente de la incidencia desde Hayslip bajo condiciones palmeiri invernadero.

Control of work has been the subject of study and concern by researchers in areas such as administration, ergonomics, engineering, psychology and medicine. It is a core issue especially in view of the central importance of work today and it’s role in building identity.

Transformations in the working world point to new forms of control affecting the individual and his physical, cognitive and affective well being. Different forms of control present in the organizational context were analyzed historically. An understanding of the appearance and evolution of control in the production process was sought as well as evidence of the consequences of a loss or absence of control of work.

These results were presented after an initial theoretical and conceptual review. Ambos casos se ilustran con sendos ejemplos de aplicaciones interesantes, uno relacionado con Sistemas Integrables y el otro con la conocida Ecuaci on de Loewner. Em um mundo de incertezas: Estudio del Impuesto sobre Inmuebles Urbanos en la ciudad de Caracas: La edad al primer parto fue de Este trabajo tiene dos objetivos: Es imposible trazar un perfil mas.

Full Text Available Several epidemiological evidence have been correlated with the effect of wn factors pocws infectious diseases. Currently, there are evidence that those changes have a direct effect on the biological life cycle of infectious diseases vectors and some microorganisms with a correlation in the epidemiology of those diseases. Recently, the ricarso biology and the mathematical model analysis have been improving our understood about biological explanations, allowing the opportunity to predict outbreaks, risky areas, or epidemiological changes.

We review the current evidence that may affect infectious diseases, as Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Bartonellosis, Cholera and others. Rev Med Hered ; Factores de riesgo para carcinoma basocelular: Case- control study in Cordoba. Full Text Available El carcinoma basocelular es una palmifri compleja.


Basal cell carcinoma is undoubtedly a complex disease. Its etiology is still unclear and despite its frequency, there is a paucity of data on its risk factors. This case- control study involved 88 newly diagnosed cases and 88 controlsmatched by age and sex.

Search Results

The following risk factors were significant in the multivariate analysis: El uso de estatinas fue seguro. Safety factor profile control in a tokamak. Control of the Safety Factor Profile in a Tokamak uses Lyapunov techniques to address a challenging problem for which even the simplest physically relevant models are represented by nonlinear, time-dependent, partial differential equations PDEs.

Robustness considerations are ubiquitous in the analysis and control design since direct measurements on the magnetic flux are impossible its estimation relies on virtual sensors and large uncertainties remain in the coupling between the plasma particles and the radio-frequency waves distributed inputs.

The Brief begins with a presentation of the reference dynamical model and continues by developing a Lyapunov function for the discretized system in a polytopic linear-parameter-varying formulation.

The limitations of this finite-dimensional approach motivate new developments in the infinite-dimensional framework. Factors controlling contrail cirrus optical depth. Full Text Available Aircraft contrails develop into contrail cirrus by depositional growth and sedimentation of ice particles and horizontal spreading due to wind shear.

Factors controlling this development include temperature, ice supersaturation, thickness of ice-supersaturated layers, and vertical gradients in the horizontal wind field. An analytical microphysical cloud model is presented and validated that captures these processes. Many individual contrail cirrus are simulated that develop differently owing to the variability in the controlling factorsresulting in large samples of cloud properties that are statistically analyzed.

Contrail cirrus development is studied over the first four hours past formation, similar to the ages of line-shaped contrails that were tracked in satellite imagery on regional scales. On these time scales, contrail cirrus optical depth and microphysical variables exhibit a marked variability, expressed in terms of broad and skewed probability distribution functions. Simulated mean optical depths at a wavelength of 0.

When comparing observations fe simulations and when estimating the contrail cirrus climate impact, not only mean values but also the variability in optical depth and microphysical properties need to be considered. Full Text Available How it all began The event over participants, featured presentations by several experimentssuccess in the practice of social control. At the end of the event,participants handed in a petition to the Chief Minister CGU, requesting the convening of a national conference on transparency and social control.

On December 8,the President signed the Decree of Convocation of the libfo National Conference on Transparency and Social Control in meeting the demand of society to governments, citizens, businesses and organizations civil society could think and establish jointly guidelines for the effective promotion palanras public transparency and social control.

Factors controlling upper tropospheric relative humidity. Full Text Available Factors controlling the distribution of relative humidity in the absence of clouds are examined, with special emphasis on relative humidity over ice RHI under upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric conditions.

Variations of temperature are the key determinant for the distribution of RHI, followed by variations of the water vapor mixing ratio.