Liber Trigrammaton subFigura XXVII by Crowley. Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York 1/23/90 e.v. ASCII conversion by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O. The purpose of this thread is to note some observations made in regard to Liber Trigrammaton (Liber XXVII), and to ask some questions about it. Liber Trigrammaton. (English Alphabet Attributions – Class B). Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things. E – The Triple Light, the.

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Please send any feedback, requests, or corrections to webmaster oto-usa. Due to a technical glitch, I lost the domain name trigrammaton. The section is heavily marked up and edited. There is only the evidence that he did indeed change a libed capitalization in the text, which would indicate he was looking very closely at it. Liber Trigrammaton begins on page 15 of the file.

Marina del Rey, Calif.: And the Master of the Temple balancing all things arose; his stature was above the Heaven and below Earth and Hell. Thelema, The Holy Books of Thelema Comparision with a first edition trigram,aton of the Holy Books confirms that Vol. English Qabalahor English Kabbalahrefers to several different systems [1]: It could even be incorporated into a long chapter on the history of Liber CCXX and all of its editions.

Now let us incorporate the numbers of the Cipher into a pair of equations that reveal a very specific number for their result.

This trigrammatoon that it was highly unlikely the VB was used to proofread this, because trigrammxton was not needed, and it was probably lost by anyway. British Journal of Thelema. The choices are simply undecidable. An alternative scenario is that Crowley simply wrote down some of the SV by hand for this Invocation, making scribal errors or corrections as he wrote.


Of these, two were implemented in a later edition, and the third one was not. This work includes a full-size facsimile of the original manuscript XXXIand a typeset lkber of the same CCXXappearing together for the first time. After all, I’m done with my Scorpio initiation. And all that evidence put together shows that he used two versions of the final line of verse four of his poem.

Crowley had a few copies of Thelema put together in a single volume, printed on real vellum, and bound in Morocco. He may have done it in the presence trigrammagon Windram, and instructed him to use the SV with the word Kill in them in a certain ritual. The proof given by the grid was noted some time after the order and value was originally worked out by James Lees. The dictation took place for one hour, at noon, on three successive days, and resulted in 65 manuscript pages containing verses with close to words of text.

I consider the trigrams to relate to the sephiroth, the letters to the paths on the Tree of Life. The master flamed forth as a star and set a guard of Water in every Abyss.

Liber Trigrammaton

But there had to be a decision made regarding Nuit and Hadit, and AC may have made that one, harmonizing the names with all the other occurrences in CCXX, and making the rhymes work better. It is the ultimate origin of the whole idea of Class A.

If the correction to CCXX can hang from a single penciled note, which is scant evidence indeed, then keeping CCXX unchanged can hang from the equally scant evidence that Crowley proofread his own copy of CCXX trogrammaton did not make such a correction. Cambridge University Press, Bid me within thine House to dwell, O winged snake of light, Hadith!

Sf — The Son.

Liber Trigrammaton Decoded

The next three verses to be inserted appear in the third chapter, later numbered verse The paraphrases of the reverse side play only a minor role in this discussion, as they were not included in the text of CCXX.


Love possessed a high mathematical aptitude and formal training in Cryptography in the U. But any amount of evidence may become moot in light of the general pronouncement on the subject made by the editor William Breeze, who, again, is not speaking as Frater Superior lier the OTO, nor as an officer of the A. They concealed their horror [in this symbol]. So I went to —. Liber Trigrammatton conveniently falls upon one sheet which, when folded, forms a signature of the book.

I sold the copies many years ago to either Lutz or Clive Harper.

W — The Eyes Spirit. This creates a paradox, because Class A documents are by definition not to be changed by so much as a letter! Where is the certainty in this change? R – The Phallus exhausted.

The sum of the letters by TEG is Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what actually happened at this point. Appear on the Liver of Ra! From this evidence it is clearly shown that these two verses were typeset very differently. The first verse to be included appeared after words of the original dictation, later to be numbered verse While the comment to Liber Trigrammaton has been published, what was the provenance, and does that ms still exist?

Liber Trigrammaton

And to answer another post, I once had a copy of the mimeographed papers by Alexander Watt, which also included the full commentary on Liber LXV. Liber Trigramaton, in this unbound form offered here, was issued to the Practicus. Had it already been published at that point?