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Dinamarca – – Ley. Notification of a schedule of occupational disease under the Employment Injury insurance Act [No. Dinamarca – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.

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Notification to amend the Notification [No. Notification respecting rest periods and rest days. Notification of the Act [No. Notification of the Social Assistance Act [No. Provides for a social income to be used as a basis for the receipt of various benefits.

An Act to amend the Widows’ pensions Act [No. An Act to amend the Leu [No. An Act respecting maternity leave, etc.

Notification respecting the admission of aliens to, and pey residence in, Denmark. Notification of the Act respecting agricultural and domestic assistants. Applies to all new or existing freight containers which are used for any international transportation, with the exception of those especially constructed for carriage by air. Regulates testing, supervision, approval and maintenance, authorisation, appeal procedure and penalties.

Notification applicable to Greenland respecting employment injury insurance for persons sent for temporary ,ey abroad. Act respecting a workers’ cost-of-living fund. Dinamarca – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza.

Order respecting employment injury insurance in Greenland. Notification of the Annual Leave Act. Notification respecting medical examination for seafarers.

Notification of the Act respecting placement and unemployment insurance. Notification respecting the situation of the unemployment funds and their members in the event of a strike or lockout. Act respecting the prolongation of collective agreements and contracts, etc.

Act respecting the legal status of workers in the event of the transfer of their undertaking. Notification respecting working clothes and personal means of protection, under the Working Environment Act [No.

Notification of the National Pensions Act [No. Notification of the Disability Pensions Act [No. Notification lley the Widows’ Pensions Act [No. Structure of placement services and period for which allowances are payable to persons under 60 years of age.

Act respecting labour and social affairs in Greenland [decentralisation of powers under the Act of 29 Nov. Greenland Home Rule Act No. Notification respecting the employment injury insurance of ely temporarily sent to work abroad. Notification respecting the duties, etc. Dinamarca – – Acuerdo internacional. Exchange of notes on the convention on social security of 22 June Notification respecting annual leave for seafarers. Notification respecting offers of employment to the long-term unemployed.


Notification respecting the admission of, and training contracts, etc. Changes in the basic amount and pension supplements and increase in the spouse’s pension. Changes the rules for calculations in consequence of the incorporation of supplements in the basic amount of pensions. An Act to amend the Act [no. Notification respecting the allocation of jobs by recognised unemployment funds leg their members who are unemployed.

Act respecting equality of treatment as between men and women with regard to employment, etc. An Act to amend the provisions of various Acts relating to equality of treatment as between men and women with regard to 1333, etc. Act 13433 the Equality Council. Notification to lay down rules for employers’ contributions to disability pensions.

Notification respecting the obligation of medical practitioners and dentists to report occupational diseases to the Insurance Board. Notification respecting the rules for the reporting of employment injuries. Employment Injury Insurance Act.


Notification of the Annual Leave Act No. An Act to amend the Act respecting placement and unemployment insurance, and for other purposes. Notification respecting contributions to the Working Environment Fund.

Notification of the Act respecting placement and unemployment insurance, and for other purposes. Notification respecting the classification, packing and marking of dangerous substances.

Notification of the rules of procedure of the Working Environment Fund. Notification respecting the employment of children on light work.

Notification of the rules made under the earlier workers’ protection legislation which, subject to amendments, remains in force after the commencement of the Working Environment Act [No. Notification respecting the national pension payable to persons between the ages of 55 and 60 years. Act respecting the sharing of vocational training expenses between employers. Act respecting basic vocational training courses. Notification respecting inspection registers and reports.

Notification respecting branch safety councils. Amendments relating, inter alia, to the membership of the Central Negotiating Committee. Agreement to amend the Convention of 15 Sep. Notification respecting the definition of “undertaking” and the calculation of the number of workers for the purposes of collective dismissals. Notification respecting crew accomodation. Convention on rules for the crediting of qualifying periods, etc.

Notification to regulate the amount of daily sickness allowances, the conditions for and contributions to the scheme for insured employers, the contributions to the scheme for employers of casual labour and for voluntary insurance and the recovery of distributions to the scheme for voluntary insurance. Notification of the Public Sickness Insurance Act. Act respecting equal wages for men and women.


Convention on social security between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Turkey. Act respecting the working environment.

Notification respecting the Employees’ Guarantee Fund payment of contributions. Notification respecting the payment of sickness allowances during residence abroad. LS – Den.


Amends, inter alia, ss. Reduction of the age limit for membership, half-yearly adjustment of unemployment benefit, reduction of the waiting period and waiver of the special condition of prior employment in the case of young persons under 22 years of age.

An Act to amend [No. Alters the pattern of duties assigned to the placement service and other related public authorities. Agreement on the benefits granted in the event of sickness, pregnancy and childbirth, with Final Protocol.

Notification respecting safety representatives on board ships. Ely respecting seamen’s books, the mustering of seamen, etc. Repeals, inter alia, Notification No. Notification of the Act respecting disability pensions, and for other 134433.

Notification of the Act respecting widows’ pensions and assistance for widows’ 13343 for other purposes [consolidation of Act No. Notification respecting safety leu in construction. Notification of the Shipping Act [consolidation of Act No. Social Assistance Act [commencement: On that date repeals Act No. An Act to amend the Notification [No. Notification to provide for the exemption of employers from the obligation to pay daily allowances to workers employed on a short-term or casual basis and for the obligation of employers to pay contributions in respect of such workers to the Daily Allowances Fund.

An Act to amend the Shipping Act [No. Notification respecting the possibility for employers to 1343 themselves from their obligation to pay daily allowances. Notification respecting the medical examination of workers in Greenland.

Notification respecting the private placement of performers. Agreement on co-ordination of pension entitlement under state pension schemes. Notification respecting health services on board ship.

Notification respecting the wage guarantee fund.