Philip Kotler Gary Armstrong John Saunders Veronica Wong MARKETING PODRĘCZNIK EUROPEJSKI Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne Warszawa Podręcznik Akademicki. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo PWN. Arvola, A. Kotler, P. ( ) Marketing. Podręcznik Europejski. Warszawa: Polskie Wydawnictwo. List of websites: •

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The level of the subject is defined by the prerequisites. The fact whether the subject is obligatory or optional depends on the programme included in the table. For all different programmes a given subject can be both optional and obligatory.

Marketing: podręcznik europejski – Google Books

This decision is made by the Faculty Council. The aim of the course is: On the completion of the course student will be able to: The marketing essence and objectives.

The evolution and role koler marketing function in an organization. Marketing versus other market orientations. Marketing rules and istruments. Market behaviors of consumers and institutions. Market needs and demand. Buying situations and risks, buyer-decision process and its influencers. Market segmentation and its advantages.


Bases for segmenting consumer and industrial markets, market-coverage alternatives. Product as a core marketing instrument. Product structure, functions and classification. New product development and product life cycle.

Branding and packaging as product image factors. Price role in marketing-mix.

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General approaches to price setting, price changes and adjustments. Definition and functions of product distribution.

Types of middlemen and marketing channels. Physical distribution – costs and customer service standards.

Organization’s Marketing (09 50 00)

Promotion as a market communication system. Psychological bases and steps in developing effective promotional program.

Promotion objectives and forms. Specific characteristics of industrial marketing. Marketing instruments in services. Marketing strategy and marketing plan formulation. Marketing research – sources of information and the main methods of primary marketing research.