Girl of Nightmares. Anna Dressed in Blood Series (Volume 2) Kendare Blake Tor/ Forge. This follow-up to Anna Dressed in Blood follows Cas and his new. Parents need to know that Anna Dressed in Blood is the start to a horror series by Kendare Blake (Three Dark Crowns) with a movie in the works produced by. ellathebookworm: ‘I absolutely loved Anna Dressed In Blood, although I did have to have another book to read in the evenings, because – trust.

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Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake – review

Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Blake was not afraid to break out of the norm having both t This book was truly amazing.

Dec 12, But this is what I got instead: He hits Cas on the head with a piece of wood and drags him inside the haunted house. What other horror books have you read before? But melodrama aside, I hate being the one to dislike something that everyone else loves.

What I got, instead, were sunshine, lemondrops, and rainbows It was well into my thirties before I would go alone to fill the ice bucket at a hotel. These said jerks take Cas to Anna’s house and attempt to kill him. I didn’t really care to read much more about it, and I certainly did not want to read about the romance.

Look, I stopped being fooled wowed by cover art after reading Fallen. Kendare Blake is now friends with Ronni Davis.

Cas Lowood has, and the unholy hell of what he finds when he dresxed will make you jump a little bit in your seat. This is such a good read, …more I have read both the Diviners and this, and personally, I think that the diviners was more scary.


It was just a great ghost story about people that got the short end of the stick in real life! I would have loved to hear that they both liked the ddressed subjects in school, read the same books, or even that they shared a deep passion for pie, but that never happened. Sep 29, Milan Kundera author of The Unbea Most books now have some sort of drama between main characters that creates some sort of kenxare, however Anna Dressed In Blood was entirely focused on the plot and not on the useless side stories.

I’m excited about reading your upcoming novel, Anna Dressed in Blood. Truth be told, ghosts aren’t really my idea of swoony love-interests, still Cas and Anna’s relationship was slow and moving and made me hope for more. And for a YA novel, that surprised me. The basement scene was the best from the whole book. They have moved once dreseed so Cas can take out the ghost of Anna Korlov who has murdered many people that come into her house. I have read many of these, but have so many more to seek out.

When view spoiler [Mike hide spoiler ] dies, Will makes up a some half-assed story about him walking home alone bold is mine: I can’t think of one. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. It was very different from what I thought it would be. We’re nowhere near the end.

I am so excited about this author and Kendsre can’t wait for the sequel, Girl of Nightmaresto come out in Most of the time in the book it felt like the kids were too busy about getting blamed for a crime that they never took time to care that someone was murdered. My favorite book of ! Dec 01, Firstly, it was refreshing to have a male protagonist. That’s a lie–the cover for the third Paranormalcy book makes me ridiculously happy, but at least I’m fairly certain Ahna like that book since I like the first two books in the series.


If the girl next door tore livers out of people to play hackey sack with, that is.

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

Some side characters that are in Carmel’s group that are mostly dressd. You know the one, with the oversized marshmallow. As Cas has spent his life moving around, he struggles with creating attachments to his highschool friends and to Anna as well, because Anna is different than the rest of the ghosts he has killed.

But I really enjoyed this book, it’s more of a mix of paranormal with some horror aspects. Even Carmel helpfully brings it up at the end: Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels? I don’t know, maybe that’s what passes for romance in Canada these days.

Anna Dressed in Blood Book Review

She also builds on her secondary characters, starting with a few cliches — Carmel, the Queen Bee — and then surprises us with their hidden depth. Kendare Blake is currently reading. I think this book will be forgettable. I think that her history and motivations are very very interesting.

I’m not spelling it out for you. Lots of boring pages if you ask me. Continue reading Show less.