Helen Brown enjoys The Winter Ghosts, a haunting new tale from Kate Mosse. The satisfying trademarks of Mosse’s fiction are all in place in this romantic ghost story: its setting in the mountainous region of south-west. From the New York Times bestselling author of Sepulchre and Labyrinth-a compelling story of love, ghosts and remembrance. World War I robbed England.. .

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When asked to define the difference between the commercial fiction she writes and the literary fiction judged in the Orange Prize that she co-founded, Kate Mosse once said: The only question is: Mosse is still working on the third book in that trilogy and while she takes a break she has produced this extra novel to tide fans over. Although The Winter Ghosts is a slimmer affair than those wintr two offerings, it is thoughtfully constructed, and contains all the classic ingredients of a spectral yarn.

It begins when young Frederick Watson steps out of the bright April sunshine of Toulouse,and into an antiquarian bookshop clutching a letter written in tbe Occitan.


The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse: review – Telegraph

Mosse gives us graveyards, castles, ruins, mysterious locked towers, dark cobbled streets and a lonely road in the whistling pines. For Frederick lost his beloved elder brother George in the Great War and is consumed with guilt, loss, late, confusion, numbness and isolation.

Labyrinth, Channel 4, review. The grief that has made him so mentally and physically fragile also makes him, the story suggests, susceptible to the vibrations of mourning hte violent death all around him. And as Mosse sends world-weary Frederick trudging through one potential horror scene after another, she effectively captures the way, to a grieving person, a sense of acute loss becomes quotidian: And as Mosse presses the slices of her story together — one medieval and the other 20th century — her readers can enjoy the familiar skin-deep frisson of being spooked, while deeper emotions are being subtly stirred beneath.

She plays a very simple, formulaic trick to bring the lives and remotely terrible deaths of ancient Pyrenean people very close to 21st-century English folk.


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