Leader of the Pack has ratings and 82 reviews. carol. said: Tolerable, but doubtful if I’ll ever pick up the other books in the series. This is act. Leader of the Pack (Tales of an Urban Werewolf, book 3) by Karen MacInerney – book cover, description, publication history. Leader of the Pack is the third installment in Karen MacInerney’s “Tales of an Urban Werewolf” series. The first two books released to rave reviews, and this.

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In just a few easy steps below, you can become macinwrney online reviewer. You’ll be able to make changes before you submit your review. Leader if the Pack From Amazon I have really enjoyed this series. I hope this was not the last in the series. It was a fun fast paced book. Worth the time and money!! More fun for Austin Readers I feel I might be bias in that aspect, there rhe some parts in the book I mostly skimmed The characters are not that bad I think her next might be better.

The reason for this is that i can see a steady progression of the authors writing. Does anyone think the same? All in all I enjoyed the book for macinwrney quick afternoon read.

Leader of the Pack!

From Amazon Sophie Garou has it all: She’s dealing with being out in the open with the Houston’s werewolf packs, and so far, they have an uneasy relationship and mostly stay out of each other’s business.

However, things get a leadr hairy pun intended when her stranded father shows up in town. He’s there to attend the annual Howl, which is like a werewolf convention, and to reconnect with his daughter. Sophie’s not sure how she feels about Luc being in town. She didn’t grow up around him, he’s basely a stranger and now he expects everything to be okay after twenty-something years?

Luc’s plans to start a relationship with Sophie meet an unexpected bump when he’s suddenly accused of murdering an old enemy and is imprisoned by Wolfgang, leader of the pack.


Leader of the Pack (Tales of an Urban Werewolf, book 3) by Karen MacInerney

Thing is, the Houston pack has this rule that during the Oc, it’s forbidden to harm anyone in the pack and if that happens, the only punishment is death, no excuses. Wolfgang and Luc have a bad past so needless to say, he is more than happy to arrest Sophie’s dad for his trial and punishment.

Even though Luc’s pretty much a stranger to Sophie, she can’t just let oof die without trying to help him.

She’s determined to do anything to prove him innocent and so she sets out to find the real killer and why they’re trying to frame Luc. But things are not as straightforward as that, because while hunting down a killer, Sophie has to deal with a possessive boyfriend, her attraction to the sexy werewolf, Tom, and hidden agendas.

There’s plenty of action and twists, which was very fun to read. We found out some major info on Sophie’s current boyfriend, which changes everything and she’s still got a secret crush on her best friend’s boyfriend who’s also a werewolf. While I’m not sure if there’s going to be another book in this series, I was very happy with the ending. Leader of the Pack is an entertaining werewolf story with funny characters and a great plot to read.

Not as much humor although there is some; the changing rooms were kind of funny. Unfortunately not all that much in the way of plot. The title pretty much blows the conclusion. If you are up on some arcane lore the previous book kind of identified Mark.

At least the author refrains from writing erotic scenes which unless very well written indeed get to be boring. Overall a good oack not great read.

Leader of the Pack – Karen MacInerney

It is impossible to discuss the ending without writing a spoiler. Lindsey winding up with Heath is not entirely a surprise and solves a number of problems for the author. But that is kind of telegraphed by the middle of the book as is the rest of the ending–not helped by the title.


With more humor the book could have been good even with the weak plot or with a stronger plot would have been better.

A little bit of humor in the genre – very enjoyable From Amazon In this third book of the tales of Sophie Garou some interesting series developments occur. Hhe spoiling it, let’s just say that Sophie’s love life situation clarifies, she meets her mysterious father who turns out to be a real jerk and her “furry little secret” as she calls it is outed to her closest friends.

Leader of the Pack

The entire series is a fun, easy-to-read addition to the urban fantasy genre, bringing some much needed levity. If the idea of a romantic comedy about a werewolf appeals to you as much as it does to me, then this is a must read book. You’ll want to start with the first leadeg in the series, Howling at the Moon and then On the Prowl. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

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