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All illustrations are for guidance only and may not accurately depict the actual cell phone. Manaul is the Internet version of the User’s guide. Some functions use more battery power than others and may cause a need for more frequent re-charging. If talk time or standby time become noticeably shorter, you may have to replace the battery. Slide the SIM card into its holder with the contacts facing down.

Insert the battery with the label side up and the connectors facing each other. Slide the battery cover into place. MMS exist in your cell phone, you may not need more settings.

If you use Settings Download the cell phone at Sony Ericsson. A text message is sent. No personal data will be transferred to or processed by Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson Ki user manual – – Solve your problem

Contact your network operator or service provider for more m810i. Flight Mode Menu If you turn on the cell phone and Mode menu is activated, select from Normal Mode with full functionality or Flight Mode with limited functionality. Cell phone overview Some icons on keys may differ.

Getting to Know the Cell Phone Press and hold down any of these keys to reach a contact beginning with a specific letter.

There are different alternatives in the list of options depending on where you are in the menus. Radio playing in the background.

Shortcuts Use keypad shortcuts to quickly go to menus or navigation key shortcuts k801i quickly reach certain functions. T9 Text Input to predict the next word, if previously used in a sentence. You may have to separately purchase a memory card for your cell phone. Scroll to a file More. Making and Receiving Calls Before you can make or receive any calls, you must turn on your cell phone and be within range of a network.

To redial a number If a call connection fails and appears Do not hold the cell phone to your ear when waiting. When the call connects, the cell phone gives a loud signal, unless muted.

To answer or reject a call Phone contacts Save contacts in the cell phone with names, phone numbers and personal information. K810ii can also add pictures and ringtones to contacts.



Use their information fields. Memory status The number of contacts you can save in the cell phone or on the SIM card depends manjal available memory.

To copy names and numbers to phone contacts Speed Dial with Pictures Save numbers in positions in your cell phone to access them easily.

Select the number to add the voice command to. Wait for the tone and say the command to record. The voice command is played back to k80i. Wait voice answering is to be activated. Your cell phone has the following options: You cannot answer a third call without ending one of the first two calls or joining them into a conference call. Conference Calls Start a conference call by joining an ongoing call and a call on hold. You then put the conference on hold and add up to five participants, or can make another call.

Accept Calls Only receive calls from certain phone numbers. If the forward calls option When Busy is activated, calls are forwarded. Select Show Number, Network Default. Messaging Text messaging, picture messaging, voice messaging, email, My friends. Your cell phone supports various messaging services. Please contact your service provider about the services you can use, or for more information, visit www.

Text Messaging SMS Text messages can contain simple pictures, sound effects, mnaual, and melodies. To save an item in a text message Activity Menu. When reading a message, select Picture Messaging MMS Picture messages can contain text, pictures, camera pictures, slides, sound recordings, video clips, signatures and attachments. You can send picture messages to a cell phone or an email address. Additional send options Request a read report, a delivery report, and set a priority for a specific message.

You can also add more recipients to the message. The email address that you use on your computer can also be used in your cell phone. To do this, your cell phone needs the same email settings as used by your computer for email address. To use your computer email For more information, contact your email provider or see the User guide with additional information at www.

Press to select the subject field, type an email subject the subject Edit. Press to select the text field, write your message the message Edit.

If no settings exist in your cell phone, you need to enter server settings. Contact your service provider for more information. Status Show your status to your contacts only or show it to janual users on the My friends server. A list of users on the My friends server watching your status information appears. Imaging Camera, video, blog, pictures, themes. manusl

Camera and Video Recorder Take pictures and record video clips to save, view and send in messages. Do not look directly at the camera Xenon flash in the cell phone using a magnification device. Failure to comply with this warning may damage your eyes.


Select from Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, or Incandescent. Blog on the Internet Share your pictures by publishing them on your blog. Connect the USB j810i to the cell phone. Connect the USB cable to the printer. Wait for mahual in the cell phone Set printer settings, if required Disconnect and re-connect the USB cable if there is a printer error. An animation of more than 1MB set as wallpaper may affect performance. Screen saver The screen saver is automatically activated when the cell phone is idle for a few seconds.

After a few more seconds, the screen saver changes to sleep mode to save power. Press any key or button to activate the screen again. To use the handsfree K801i the stereo portable handsfree to your cell phone to use it for calls, listening to music, videos or the radio. If you receive a call and are playing music, music stops allowing you to answer the call. To install Disc2Phone Turn on maanual computer and insert the CD that came with your cell phone or visit www.

The CD starts automatically and the mabual window opens. Select a language and click OK. Click Install Disc2Phone and follow the instructions. J810i To organize the media files saved in the file manager, you can create playlists.

Files in a playlist can be sorted by artist or title. You can add a file to more than one playlist. When you delete a playlist or a file from the playlist, the actual music or video file is not deleted from the memory, just the playlist reference to it.

Do not use the cell phone as a radio in places where this is prohibited.

To listen to the radio Connect the handsfree to your cell phone Bookmarks. This function is network- or operator- dependent. Terms and conditions are also provided in the cell phone kit. To download a music manyal When you have listened to a music file preview, you can agree to accept The blocks are grouped into Intro, Verse, Chorus, and Break. You compose a melody by maual music blocks to the tracks. Insert, Copy Paste to move between the blocks.

Sony Ericsson K810i Cyber-shot Manuals

Games Your cell phone contains several games. You can also download games and applications directly to the folders in your cell phone. Help texts are available for most games. Settings Settings may already be entered when you buy your cell phone.