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What is Internet Telephony? Internet telephony refers to all features of traditional telephony phone calls, fax, voicemail etc. While internet telephony refers to any internet phone system, Voice over IP is a specific method for placing phone calls over the internet.

Traditionally phone calls were sent as analog signals through telephone lines. With VoIP, your call is converted into data that is sent over the Internet: Audio is sent over IP Internet Protocol. This is the same technology that allows us to browse websites on the Internet. How does an Internet Phone System Work?

As you speak through a microphone laptop, mobile or headset your voice – the audio signal – is digitised. This data is split into packets and given individual labels. Your call is made up of different packets of data.

Each packet of data travels over the Internet to the recipient. When the data arrives at the end destination it is put back into the correct order. The data is then converted into audio and the recipient hears what you said.

When then arrive they are reassembled in the correct order and your message can be heard by the recipient. When you send data over the Internet, it is usually sent over a server. Whether email or document storage, your data is stored or sent from the server of the service you are using.

Internet Telephony

Your data is hosted on secure, geo redundant, inland data centres. Our servers comply with the EU Electronic Communications law and meet the highest standards of data security, system availability, accounting precision, and many more.

Voice over IP uses the Internet Protocol to make phone calls. Originally the PSTN was fixed-line analog network.

Now, however, the PSTN network is mainly digital. It refers to a mix of telephone lines, fibre optic cables and cellular networks and undersea cables.

This means a dedicated channel is established for the duration of the phone call. With VoIP calls, a fixed line is not established. Instead, data packets are routed between the IP addresses of the caller and the recipient.

This means data is sent according to the most efficient route and individual data packets may travel over different nodes of the network. VoIP takes advantage of the existing architecture of the Internet. As no fixed channel needs to be established it is much more cost effective than traditional telephony. How does this work? This is accomplished over a VoIP gateway.

There are four joeavi options for using VoIP:.

Telephony – Wikipedia

This enables you to turn your computer into a VoIP-ready device. Audio is captured through the microphone and played through the speakers. Additionally, VoIP clients often include additional functionality such as instant messaging and video calls.


No hardware is required for this setup. These differ from standard telephones in terms of the technology that enables the data transfer over the internet. These types of phones usually have an ethernet connection that plugs into your modem or router. This adapter connects your phone line to your modem or router and digitises your analog phone call. This lets you use your normal phone to make VoIP calls.

Not only this but the FMC client always looks to optimize your costs. It jodwvi this by automatically selecting the most cost effective way to place your call whether via WLAN or mobile data.

By combining an office desk VoIP setup with your mobile device, you can take your business communication to the next level. There is no need for expensive hardware installation or a costly service provider. Instead all of this is made possible over the Internet and our cloud system. Additionally, calls within the company are entirely free. This includes calls between different offices, even between branches in different countries. This is done by downloading the telehone – also called FMC client – to your phone.

Whether sat at your desk or out on the road with your smartphone, you have one universal number where people can reach you. What are the Advantages of Internet Phone Systems?

There are many advantages of Internet phone systems compared to traditional phone setups. Cost Helephone is considerably more cost effective than traditional landline and mobile providers.

VoIP makes very effective use of the Internet to efficiently transport data – your call – to the recipient. No Installation of Hardware VoIP is cloud based making the installation of traditional hardware redundant. This makes getting started, quicker, easier and more cost effective.

With seamless integrations with major players te,ephone as Skype for Business, functionality such as video calling, and instant messaging are just a click away. All you need is a reliable internet connection. There is no tricky setup or installation on your computer as everything is hosted on our secure servers. You may contact our Data Protection Officer: For this purpose we transfer your processed data to the following recipients: Internet telephony — What is it and how does it work? There are four main options for using VoIP: