Here is the answer key for the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET ) held on Sunday, 9th December JMET results are used for entrance to . JMET Question Papers, Model Papers, Previous Year Papers free download from JMET Solved question paper JMET sample question paper. JMET () – Q uestion Paper. SECTIO N 1: VERBAL CO MMU N ICATIO N (Q uestions ). Directions: In Q uestions 1 and 2, fill in the blanks w .

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C An owner of a large business may be an entrepreneur. None of these road routes intersect each other except meeting at the nodal points in the respective locations. E must not work on project 3. He collapsed following a vigorous exercise session at the gym.

There were 5 caselets in this section with each section having 6 questions in it. Nothing should be written either in ink or in pencil, in the space used for printing the Barcode on the ORS.


These are the questions that underlie the study of the development of mental representation for bilingual children. Two caselets were based on tabular form of data one was based on data jjmet production cost and sales value and the other one was based on production and consumption of a commodity. Out of the 40 questions in total 15 questions were based on RC and remaining 25 on language usage. Once the test starts, you will not be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason till the test is over and all other formalities are completed.


Psycholinguistic research has typically approached research questions papeg examining and attempting to understand the stable state, namely, the adult mind.

CAT 2007 Question Paper

Why do contexts change the way we interpret language? Answer the following questions based on your reading of the given passage.

In which year was the Net Profit at its highest as a percentage of total revenue? Instructions for Questions A two-way road network exists between the following locations in a city: Are the two languages alternative labeling systems for the same concepts?

Five students are papr in a contest. The old woman next door is a garrulous person A Senile. Information on the right half of the ORS should be written in ink wherever indicated. Also, the top and bottom margins are 3 cms.

The section was of moderate level of difficulty. There are no other routes to or from the above locations in the city. Which of the following is irrelevant to explaining the increase in consumption of soft drinks? The most economical height and width of each page will be respectively Paperr 16 cms. In the paragraph below, each line numbered 1 to 4 has one wrong word.


Data Interpretation There is negative marking for incorrect answers.

Since papdr 1 and 2 are easier, the instructor has allowed only two students to work on these projects. Which of the following locations cannot be avoided while traveling from F to H? The answers to the questions are to be marked by darkening the bubbles corresponding to the letters A, B, C or D.

C Rank can expect 2 calls out of the 7 institutes listed below. The following extract has been taken from a letter written by an insurance company to one of its customers. The candidate must not mark the answers on an ORS having a code different from the code printed on the Test Booklet. Which of the following best sums up the above passage? Note that these are only indicative of the type of questions that can be expected in the test. A,B,C jnet,D, Q. JMET paper had questions in total and was of 2 hours in duration.

B Entrepreneurs are the main actors in economic growth. A Rank and better can expect call from all the IITs B Rank can expect 5 calls out of 7 institutes listed below.