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Thumbs down to Oprah on this one – she had to know it too, from her medical expert who supposedly told drey well before air time. The memoirist is not typically a journalist.

The man who rewrote his life

James Frey now lives in New York with his wife, daughter and dog. As a matter of fact, I hurt those who try to help me and ridicule the methods that are used in the rehab clinics.

My Book Club names to read this Book for the month of June. Frey still insists that the bulk of his book is true. Well we were lied to too! I deliberately read this memoir of non-fiction fiction to explore the relationship between truth, Truth, kadakw story. I view this to mean that Frey has truly not recovered from his addiction, as step four in the 12 -step- program for recovering addicts is to have “made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

A Million Little Pieces

And certainly don’t waste your tears and pity on such a despicable individual. I attempted to rate it based on the way I felt upon completing it, and without the perspective I now have which is likely affected by the scandal. This is an astoundingly riveting book which I picked up in an airport bookstore in spite of the Oprah’s Book Club sticker on the milioh.


The real true story of Frey’s fall from grace has, however, proved riveting to many. In after a six-week investigation it was revealed that the book contained fabrications and was not a completely factual memoir.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

The man who rewrote his life | Books | The Guardian

When that ‘contract’ is breached, as it has been in a handful of highly-publicized cases in recent years, the public is rightly outraged. I am going out on a shaky ideological limb here, but I do not see objective truth as possible in the relation — written or verbal — of personal lived experience.

And whether Frey the human being ever really held them or to what extent matters very little to me. We find out that James is 23 years old, and has been an alcoholic for ten years, and a crack addict for three. It accesses some kind of emotional core or whatever, some place in us that has struggled too, that wants to see suffering end and the sun shimmer out from behind the clouds and a reward come to those who have kicked and screamed and fought to earn it.

Together, we dissected it at length, comparing battle scars reopened by Frey’s raw-edged prose. No, I didn’t demand a refund on my copy: Unless, of course he is lying about having lied Refresh and try again.

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

The inconsistent use of capitalized nouns. I found the author’s writing style to be unique, brisk, and concise in ways I had not previously experienced.

All of his support says in this book, “It won’t work James, no one has ever stopped being an addict without the twelve steps.

I will read it anyway, I thought. To me, that’s not its main problem.


This book might not be what you think it is Large parts of this book is unbelievably mundane and boring; some are downright asinine. I don’t think they’re good. Trivia About A Million Little I think autobiography is the last place you would look for truth.

Not a petty disorderly conduct, it was hard time on the Rock sparring with hardbody street toughs. If I had only thrown this one in the Goodwill bin sooner! Jul 25, Laura rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I can accept that, and I even admire the perspective.

Undoubtedly some found this refusal to kowtow to the current literary hierarchy abrasive, and perceived as intolerable arrogance his eagerness to align himself with the great writers of history and his openly expressed desire to be the voice of a generation.

However, if there is a sharp and important delineation in your mind between fiction and memoir, you’d probably better read this one as fiction. Unfortunately, almost all reviews and press related to this book since that time period dwell heavily on the controversy and less on the story itself and really, it’s not very fair. This kind of writing makes the book hard to put down. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Indeed, in cases of extreme and traumatic experience, it is often only in the distortion of the memory that any narrative is able to emerge, and from that distortion we have received many great and powerful works, particularly those emerging from the devastating events that filled far too much of the twentieth century.

But I’ve never wanted to do Crack.