When I got home I sat down at my desk and after a few hours Tango Jalousie was finished.” The title Jacob Gade lived to experience this world-wide success. The incomes that Jacob Gade earned with his Tango Jalousie, and with several other compositions, made ​​him wealthy and those incomes were, and still are, . Jacob Gade is the composer behind what is probably the most frequently played piece of Danish music of all: Jalousie. Tango Tsigane () – better known as.

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He is remembered today for a single tune, the familiar ” Jalousie “, also known as Jalousie ‘Tango Tzigane’ and Tango Jalousie. He belonged to a family of musicians.

His grandfather and his father used to go around the nearby villages to play at all kinds of parties. And it was natural that, since early age, he as well began to play and was another member of the musical group. He was 9 when he made his debut as trumpeter. He might have been an attraction because only a year later he was invited to Copenhagen to become a soloist in the orchestra of the Tivoli Garden, a famous amusement park.

It was only at age 12 when he began to study violin, firstly with his father and later with teachers of greater knowledge. Soon he evidenced his ambition, he wanted to be recognized and for that he decided to move to the capital.

He began to compose country music, polkas and similar rhythms. With a scarce capital he left hurrying up his fate. He dreamed of being an orchestra conductor, and of writing waltzes, by then he was convinced that it was the best music in the world.

He had a hard time, at night, he used to sleep at the entrance of buildings, at the hall near the stairs. He started to work at small cafeterias and, about two years later, when he was only 18, he began to be connected with people who summoned him tade play at an operetta in Frederiksberg, the night center of entertainment at that time.

It turned out jaliusie very popular song and, among others, it was sung by Elna From, a theater actress ten years older than he, who was his first love.

Jalousie (Gade, Jacob)

Although they never married, he had three children with her. They separated in and two years later, in Christiania, then capital of Norway, he married another actress: Mimi Mikkelsen, with whom he lived until she died in He joined several orchestras up to when he already led his own. He didn’t change his orientation; he was creator and diffuser of danceable music. Inthe recognition he achieved by his work made him be hired by the famous Hotel Bristol, located in front of the main plaza of Jalousiw.


Gade was already 30 and was too jaalousie to become a concert instrumentalist of classical music. Some time before, because of the same reason he had not been accepted in the Royal Conservatory of Danish Music. In he began to lead orchestras that played at theaters and as well at the most important cinema theaters as accompaniment to silent films. At the same time he performed a series of concerts as soloist including a Paganini’s composition.

As composer he was in a period when he wrote waltzes with a title in French. He used to say that they made him widely known and provided him with an international touch. The principal paper of the city mentioned him as the king of waltz. His juvenile dream was coming true. In he gadd to New York, joined orchestras that played at cinema theaters, and put together aggregations that included up to 80 members and, soon he had another satisfaction, he was chosen in a contest to join the Philharmonic Orchestra of New York.

For two years he only devoted to playing classical music.

Jalosie returned to his country to conduct the orchestra of the Palads Cinema theater and to compose and arrange music to be played during the projection of movies. Jalousiw say that its title had inspired the melody. He was on leave in Christiania, near a windmill far from the city, when he read on a paper that a man had murdered his wife because of jealousy.

His golden period lasted until when sound films arrived. But it scarcely affected him.

In he opened the National Scala theater, and there he continued to gaade entertainment music for dancing. His career as orchestra leader and player before public audiences ended by his own decision. Performed for the first time on Monday 14 September at the premiere of the American movie Don Q. His royalties as composer were so ample that in the 70s it was estimated that the song was played, at least, once every minute on some radio of the planet.

He returned to the United States of America in where they offered to publish his whole output. Tangk 8 April he returned to his country. The following day the Nazis invaded Denmark. He endured tanyo by settling on the Fiskerleje island where he continued composing.

Tango Jalousie | Edition Svitzer

There a successful waltz was born: This is the case of the above-mentioned Vera Bloom for the previously cited Frankie Laine.

In Finland a lyric written by Kuliervo is known. In Great Britain, the then famous orchestra led by Gerald Bright presented his vocalist Monterrey his true name was Montgomery singing a lyric by E.

Way and so appeared many others of the kind. In our [ who? The piece possesses beauty because of its violin solos, without them the number is deprived of its charm. The issue was solved after Gade yielded a part of his royalties. The number was included totally or partially in over movies, in numerous television series and on all new ways of playing back since records appeared.


Jacob Gade

When he drew up his will inhe included his wish that all his estate and future royalties were granted to a foundation that had to be created under his name to sponsor young talented musicians. Explaining that reason, he said: With his will he opened a bank account with the deposit ofAgreements had to be respected.

Every year the foundation holds a contest for young violinists in Gade’s hometown. On 8 November a postage stamp commemorating the centenary of his birth was issued. In Dacapo Recordings published a record with a part of his works—some unpublished—, performed by the Odense Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Mathias Aeschbacher featuring the soloist Bjarne Hansen on violin.

Written to accompany the silent era blockbuster Son of Zorro when Gade was leader of the orchestra of the Palads Cinema[2] the tango premiered on 14 September and was an instant international hit.

When talkies were introduced it was featured in numerous films. The royalties allowed Gade to devote himself to composition full-time for the rest of his life. Arthur Fiedler made the first recording of the piece with the Boston Pops infurther increasing Gade’s income.

The royalties now fund a foundation for young musicians. As a symphony composer Gade did not fare as well. In an interview two years before his death, Fiedler recalled that Gade came especially to Boston to thank him for the recording. Gade also presented Fiedler with a score of a symphony which Fiedler recalled as “one of the worst pieces of music I ever looked at”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jacob Gade – Wikipedia

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