Before you When calculating rates.g. Quick Start-Up Guide Setting up an infusion for the Ivac Rate Calculation ml to be infused in 2 hours 30 minutes. The IVAC® Volumetric Pump automatically regulates the infusion rate of intravenous solutions. Users are advised to read, to understand this manual and to be thoroughly familiar with the Pump prior to Tel: (27) (0) interferon α-2α, , , , , , , interferon α-2b, , , , , IVAC, ixabepilone, –,, ,, , ixazomib, .

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Cover Detect Cover detect: Variable PCA doses not available.

CareFusion IVAC 598 Directions For Use Manual

Enables printing of events as they occur. Medtronic Lifepak Defibs x 6. Inspect the patient handset for damage. Slide the spacer to the end nearest the motor mounting plate. Braun Perfusor 50 4.

For availability please contact your local CareFusion representative because new sets are continuously being developed for our customers. Syringe type not locked to default syringe type – can be changed. Remove the two screws securing the mains inlet to the lower case.

Drugs and amnual use mass dose mode. For product questions or needle-free valve educational materials, contact your CareFusion representative. End of Infusion Optical Switch A slotted optical switch is mounted on the transmission motor plate to detect the near end of infusion point. Starting with an empty, extended 50ml syringe on the pump, squeeze the finger grips and move the plunger holder slowly to the left. Note the position of the joint see the illustration below.


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M This pump is protected against the effects of high energy radio manul emissions and is designed to be fail safe if extremely high levels of interference are encountered. Siemens SC Ventilator with Bracket. M repeat procedure from Step 3. Patient Hand Set The electronic patient hand set is designed to be ambidextrous and suitable manuql both adult and paediatric use.

Page 14 This fluid does not enter the fluid path and requires no action.


End of 527 Detect The near end of infusion point is detected using a slotted optical switch which is mounted on the motor mounting plate of the transmission assembly.

Throughout this chapter, spare part ivaf denoted as H1, H2 etc indicate that these parts are included in a higher level kit and are also available separately. Linear Speed Sensor The linear movement of the pump transmission is monitored using a slotted optical switch, known as the linear speed opto, coupled with a linear grid.

The signal from the optical switch changes state when icac syringe plunger is located correctly; this signal is fed to IC9. The keypad columns are driven through IC15, via the data bus and the keypad rows are read directly into the microcontroller via input pins. The optical encoder signals are all fed via schmitt trigger inverters in IC R emove the encoder flag and opto mount from the assembly.

R Remove spacer buttons as required. Load an empty 50ml syringe see list of suitable syringes belowsqueeze the finger mannual and move the plunger holder slowly to the left.

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Once finished, the Event Log data will manuao displayed on the PC screen. Power Supply Supervisor The power supply voltage is monitored by IC6 which provides an active low reset signal to the microcontroller at power up and if the regulated 5V input falls below a preset level.


Refer to the relevant DFU for the recommended routine maintenance period.

Connect the pump to AC power supply. Do not clear the RAM unless absolutely necessary because all the calibration and configuration in the pump will be cleared. Italics Used to refer to other documents or manuals. Alarm Input interface The alarm input allows the pump infusion to be stopped and an alarm to occur if the input is set to manuak.

See ‘Display PCB’ for further information on spacer buttons and replacement instructions. If the self-adhesive pad item D is not present, fit ivxc pad to the top of the transformer then fold the ribbon cable firmly as shown below.

Allows protocols to be modified in SET mode. Page of 28 Go. It detects when a syringe plunger is correctly located in the plunger holder. If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your CareFusion affiliate office or distributor for further information.

All illustrations used in this manual show typical settings and values which may be used in setting up the functions of mqnual Pump.