Buy Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified Lawrence C. Washington (Author ). Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields has 4 ratings and 2 reviews. Dan said: This book is not as important as the point that this book represents.I was tak. Right now, I am reading Larry Washington’s book “Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields.” In Chapter 8 of this book, the unit group of the ring of.

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Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields is a carefully written exposition of a central area of number theory that can be used as a second course in algebraic number theory. Many exercises are included.

Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields (eBook, PDF)

The second edition includes a new chapter on the work of Thaine, Kolyvagin, and Rubin, including a proof of the Main Conjecture. There is also a chapter giving other …mehr.


Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Washington Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields. Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory.

Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields by Lawrence C. Washington

There is also a chapter giving other recent developments, including primality testing via Jacobi sums and Sinnott’s proof of the vanishing of Iwasawa’s f-invariant. The p adic regulator.

Applications of the class number formula. The index of the Stickelberger ideal.

Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields von Lawrence C. Washington portofrei bei bestellen

Group rings and power series. Proof of the p adic class number formula. Some theorems on class groups. Consequences of Vandiver’s conjecture. The estimate for even characters. The estimate for all characters.

The estimate for hm. Odlyzko’s bounds on discriminants. The structure of A modules.

The maximal abelian p extension unramified outside p. Local units modulo cyclotomic units. The converse of Herbrand’s theorem. Technical results from Iwasawa theory. Proof of the Main Conjecture.

yo Primality testing using Jacobi sums. Infinite Galois theory and ramification theory. Proof of the p-adic class number formula. The estimate for hm. The structure of A-modules. The maximal abelian p-extension unramified outside p.