INTERNACIONALIZACION LEONISA. No description. by. sharon alicia chipiaje soacha. on 4 October Comments (0). Please log in to add your comment. Fue el nacimiento de Leonisa, que inicialmente se llamó Leona, pero en su texto “Internacionalización de Leonisa, una empresa colombiana. Leonisa is a Colombia-based global company that manufactures and sells women’s lingerie, . “INTERNACIONALIZACION DE LEONISA: UNA EMPRESA COLOMBIANA DE ROPA INTERIOR”. Estudios Gerenciales (in Spanish). 0 (98): 25–

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Leonisa began retail sales in These consist of Leonisa Stores, duty-free shopsfactory outlets, hypermarketssepartment stores and apecialty apparel stores. InLeonisa built a manufacturing plant in Costa Rica to meet the demands of Central American markets. Leonisa has sponsored the Miss Colombia swimwear category since Each year Leonisa develops swimwear campaigns that are focused on Miss Colombia.

As ofLeonisa had an online presence with local distribution in over twelve countries, with sales in over countries. InLeonisa introduced a brand that targets girls and women between the ages of 14 and Leonisa is known for its shapewear, featuring four different compression levels, each employing Leonisa’s trademark compression technology. Launched in the s, the swimwear line offers basic swimwear, one-piece swimsuitscontrol and slimming swimwear, push up swimsuit tops and cover ups, and other products.

Leonisa launched its first mens underwear collection in under the Airell brand. The LEO brand offers men’s underwear and shapewear, including three levels of compression. Leonisa has Activewear lines for both women and for men.

SinceLeonisa has partnered with health companies in a campaign against breast cancer that seeks to internacionalzacion awareness among women about the importance of early detection.

They have conducted forums aimed at the community and primary care physicians. Here is a list of internationally-known supermodels who have worked with Leonisa throughout the years:. Colombia — Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a transcontinental country largely situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America.

Colombia shares a border to the northwest with Panama, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil and to the south with Ecuador and it shares its maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is a unitary, constitutional republic comprising thirty-two departments, the territory of what is now Colombia was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples internacionalizacioj the Muisca, the Quimbaya and the Tairona.

The Spanish arrived in and initiated a period of conquest and colonization ultimately creating the Viceroyalty of New Granada, independence from Spain was won inbut by the Gran Colombia Federation was dissolved. What is now Colombia and Panama emerged as the Republic of New Granada, the new nation experimented with federalism as the Granadine Confederation, and then the United States of Interncaionalizacion, before the Republic of Colombia was leonida declared in Since the leoniss the country has suffered from an asymmetric low-intensity armed conflict, Colombia is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world, and thereby possesses a rich cultural heritage.

Cultural diversity has also influenced by Colombias varied geography. The urban centres are located in the highlands of the Andes mountains. Colombian territory also encompasses Amazon rainforest, tropical grassland and both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, ecologically, it is one of the worlds 17 megadiverse countries, and the most densely biodiverse of these per square kilometer.

Colombia has an economy with macroeconomic stability and favorable growth prospects in the long run. The name Colombia is derived from the last name of Christopher Columbus and it was conceived by the Venezuelan revolutionary Francisco de Miranda as a reference to all the New World, but especially to those portions under Spanish and Portuguese rule.

Leonisa. Los visionarios

The name was adopted by the Republic of Colombia of When Venezuela, Ecuador and Cundinamarca came to exist as independent states, New Granada officially changed its name in to the Granadine Confederation. In the name was changed, this time to United States of Colombia. To refer to country, the Colombian government uses the terms Colombia. These sites date from the Paleoindian period, at Puerto Hormiga and other sites, traces from the Archaic Period have been found.

Undergarment — Undergarments are items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although they may comprise more than a single layer. In cold weather, long underwear is sometimes worn to provide additional warmth, special types of undergarments have internacionalizcaion significance.

Some items of clothing are designed as undergarments, while others, such as T-shirts, if made of suitable material or textile, some undergarments can serve as nightwear or swimsuits, and some are intended for sexual attraction or visual appeal. Undergarments are generally of two types, those that are worn to cover the torso and those that are worn to cover the waist and legs, different styles of undergarments are generally worn by females and males.


Undergarments commonly worn by females today include bras and panties, while males often wear briefs, items commonly worn by both sexes include T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, bikini underwear, thongs, and G-strings. Undergarments are known by a number internacoonalizacion terms, in the United States, womens underwear may be known as delicates due to the recommended washing machine cycle or because they are, simply put, delicate.

Womens undergarments collectively are called lingerie and they also are called intimate clothing and intimates. An undershirt is a piece of underwear covering the torso, while underpants, drawers, terms for specific undergarments are shown in the table below. Not wearing underpants under outer clothing is known in American slang as freeballing for men, the act of a woman not wearing a bra is sometimes referred to as freeboobing. Oeonisa is worn for a variety of reasons and they keep outer garments from being soiled by perspiration, urine, semen, menstrual blood and feces.

Womens brassieres provide support for the breasts, and mens briefs serve the function for the male genitalia. A corset may be worn as a garment to alter a womans body shape.

For additional support and protection when playing sports, men often wear more tightly fitting underwear, including jockstraps and jockstraps with cup pocket and protective cup.

Women may wear sports bras which provide support, thus increasing comfort.

In cold climates, underwear may constitute an additional layer of clothing helping to keep the wearer warm, Underwear may also be used to preserve the wearers modesty — leoniea instance, some internscionalizacion wear camisoles and slips under clothes that are sheer.

Conversely, some types of underwear can be worn for sexual titillation, such as underwear, crotchless panties. Some items of clothing are designed exclusively as underwear, while others such as T-shirts, the suitability of underwear as outer clothing is, apart from the indoor or outdoor climate, largely dependent on societal norms, fashion and the requirements of the law.

If made of material, some underwear can serve as nightwear or swimsuits. South America — South America is a continent located in the western hemisphere, mostly in the southern hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the northern hemisphere. It may also be considered a subcontinent of the Americas, which is the used in nations that speak Romance languages.

The reference to South America instead of other regions has increased in the last decades due to changing geopolitical dynamics.

It is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean, North America and it includes twelve sovereign states, a part of France, and a non-sovereign area. Its population as of has been estimated at more than ,, South America ranks fourth in area and fifth in population. Brazil is by far the most populous South American country, with more than half of the population, followed by Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela. In recent decades Brazil has also concentrated half of the regions GDP and has become a first regional power, most of the population lives near the continents western or eastern coasts while the interior and the far south are sparsely populated.

Most of the continent lies in the tropics, the continents cultural and ethnic outlook has its origin with the interaction of indigenous peoples with European conquerors and immigrants and, more locally, with African slaves.

Given a long history of colonialism, the majority of South Americans speak Portuguese or Spanish. South America occupies the portion of the Americas. Almost all of mainland South America sits on the South American Plate, South Americas major mineral resources are gold, silver, copper, iron ore, tin, and petroleum.

These resources found in South America have brought high income to its countries especially in times of war or of rapid growth by industrialized countries elsewhere.

However, the concentration in producing one major export commodity often has hindered the development of diversified economies and this is leading to efforts to diversify production to drive away from staying as economies dedicated to one major export.


The Amazon rainforests possess high biodiversity, containing a proportion of the Earths species. Brazil is the largest country in South America, encompassing around half of the land area. Duty-free shop — Which products can be sold duty-free vary by jurisdiction, as well as how they can be sold, and the process of calculating the duty or refunding the duty component. However, some countries impose duty on goods brought into the country, though they had been bought duty-free in another country, or when the value or quantity of such goods exceed an allowed limit.

Duty-free shops are found in the international zone of international airports, sea ports. They are not as available for road or train travelers. These outlets were abolished for internacionalisacion travellers inbut are retained for travelers whose final destination is outside the EU and they also sell to intra-EU travelers but with appropriate taxes.


Securing the exclusive concession for duty-free sales in Hawaii in the created a business breakthrough for DFS. In this same period, several locales grew as duty-free shopping destinations and they leonisaa exemplified by Saint Martin and the U.

Still others leonjsa prices competitive to duty-free, generally, goods are free of duty and tax levied on imports for sale anywhere in the shopping destination. Costs of identical goods from different duty-free sources can vary widely and they often depend on the presence internacionalizaion absence of nearby internacinoalizacion, e.

Leonisa – WikiVisually

Also, prices can often be driven upward by the costs of buyer convenience, many airlines, such as Emirates, El Al, Singapore Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Delta, and Avianca, offer duty-free sales on their flights. Some duty-free shops operate in central business districts away from airports or other ports, in Japan, for example, any visitor whose passport indicates that they have been in the country for less than six months can buy duty-free items.

internacionaoizacion Duty-free shops are also a mainstay in the Akihabara electronic shopping district of Tokyo, in Thailand, the King Power chain has shops where duty-free items are pre-purchased and delivered separately to the airport to be picked up on departure.

Hypermarket — In commerce, a hypermarket is a superstore combining a supermarket and a department store. The result is a retail facility carrying a wide range of products under one roof, including full groceries lines.

In theory, hypermarkets allow customers to satisfy all their shopping needs in one trip. The internacionaliazcion hypermarket was coined in internacionalizavion French trade expert Jacques Pictet, hypermarkets, like other big-box stores, typically have business models focusing on high-volume, low-margin sales.

Typically covering an area of 5, to 15, square metres, because of their large footprints, many hypermarkets choose suburban or out-of-town locations that are easily accessible by automobile. The stores innovations included a store alongside a drugstore plus off-street parking. Inmens and womens wear was added, and automotive department, housewares, by the s, Fred Meyer began opening stores that were 45, sq ft to 70, sq ft, and the s saw the first modern-sized Fred Meyer hypermarkets.

The substantially larger store opened a week later in Auderghem near Brussels. In the late s and early s, the three major US discount store leinisa — Walmart, Kmart and Target — started leonisq hypermarkets.

Most Greatland stores have since converted to SuperTarget stores, while some have been converted into regular Target stores with the exception of 2 entrances. In the early s, US hypermarkets internacionaliacion began selling fuel, the idea was first introduced in the s, when a number of supermarket chains and retailers like Sears tried to sell fuel, but it didnt generate sufficient consumer interest at the time.

Today there are approximately 4, hypermarket stores in the US selling intermacionalizacion, the average Walmart Supercenter covers aroundsquare feet, with the largest ones coveringsq ft. A typical Carrefour hypermarket still covers 10, m2, while the European trend in the s has rather turned towards smaller hypermarkets of 3, to 5, m2.

In France, hypermarkets are generally situated in shopping centers outside of cities and they are surrounded by extensive car parking facilities, and generally by other specialized superstores that sell clothing, sports gear, automotive items, etc. In Japan, hypermarkets may be found in areas as well as less populated areas. The Japanese government encourages hypermarket installations, as investment by financial stocks are a common way to run hypermarkets.

A recent trend has been to combine the dollar store concept with the hypermarket blueprint, sanyal has also argued that some developing countries such as India may even skip the hypermarket stage and directly go online. United States — Forty-eight of the fifty states and the federal district are inhernacionalizacion and located in North America between Canada and Mexico. The state of Alaska is in the northwest corner of North America, bordered by Canada to the east, the state of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific Ocean.

It is one of the worlds most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, paleo-Indians migrated from Asia to the North American mainland at least 15, years ago. European colonization began in the 16th century, the United States emerged from 13 British colonies along the East Coast.

On July 4, during the course of the American Revolutionary War, the war ended in inernacionalizacion recognition of the independence of the United States by Great Britain, dee the first successful war of independence against a European power. The current constitution was adopted inafter the Articles of Confederation, the first ten amendments, collectively named the Bill of Rights, were ratified in and designed to guarantee many fundamental civil liberties.