Reading list. To be composed individually;; For Dutch students: R. Stenvert & G. van Tussenbroek, Inleiding in de Bouwhistorie. Utrecht: Matrijs (). He is the co-editor of the handbook for Dutch building history, Inleiding in de bouwhistorie. Opmeten en onderzoeken van oude gebouwen (3rd edition Utrecht . Given this perspective, the book De inleiding tot de bouwhistorie became a reference work about documenting and surveying buildings and other monuments in.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The bridge at Hagen -Eskesy, in Germany, was destroyed during the last war, and its reconstruction is part of a local improvement plan.

The initial bridge was metallic, but it has now been decided to build a main tied arch, consisting of a box section arch, of 93 m span, and two lateral spans, each 33 m long. These two are open girders, whose top and bottom chords are also hollow box sections. Both the tie members and the main bridging structures are prestressed. The twin arches, from which the deck hangs, are independent. This has made it necessary to attach the arches very rigidly to the stabilising structure, to withstand the powerful effect of the wind forces.

Owing to the large dimensions, the possible effect of torsion and buckling under the prestressing forces had to be carefully considered. The twin arches are During the loading and overloading tests, oscilographs were used, to record the effect of mobile loads, and of the increasing overloads. To simulate the effect of running over uneven surfaces, timber beams were placed across the pavement, and loaded vehicles were made to run over them.

Tanto los tirantes como las piezas de puente son pretensados. Julie Hagen -Schwarzist ja tema loomingust. The Bilingual Brain Revisited: A Comment on Hagen Full Text Available L. Hagen ; Evolutionary Psychology, 6, 43—63 proposes that effortless first acquisition compared to more difficult second language acquisition provides evidence that the monolinguistic nature of our ancestral social environments implies a near-constant state of intergroup conflict.

I argue to the contrary that the capacity to acquire multiple languages simultaneously in childhood without decrement to first language acquisition suggests that there was selection pressure for multilingualism. I further argue that this cognitive capacity is evidence for an ancestral environment in which distinct groups commingled e. Possibilities of Research on Linguistic Biographies: Dagmar Normet, a Multilingual Childhood in Estonia. The former views linguistic biographies not as isolated narratives but as narratives situated in certain sociolinguistic and cultural situations.

Thus, a linguistic biography can be a source for historical sociolinguistics when a researcher cannot obtain naturalistic spoken data any longer, and all evidence is therefore indirect.

One can ask, to what extent are linguistic biographies unique? It is clear that a certain socio-cultural context produces certain linguistic biographical templates, for instance, immigration and learning a new language or a possible feeling of dislocation and language learning anxiety. Thus, a comparison of linguistic biographies would be necessary in a longer perspective.

Linguistic biographies research is a new field in Estonia. The narrator starts from the first childhood memories of studying German in addition to Estonian and Russian that she already knows, proceeds through the school years with occasional leaps into the future, the Soviet occupation, and ends at the moment of escape from Estonia in before the Nazi occupation. This memoir is unique because the author is probably the only Estonian writer of Jewish decent. Life in and with several languages in Tallinn appears to be something extremely natural and it seems there is no anxiety attached to this.


Learning a new language or transfer to a school with a different language of instruction is described in detail, but without a feeling of detachment or dislocation. From the Outside In: Proposes that teaching students to find and play appropriate actions helps them tell the story of a play and create character better than if they focused on emotions.

Discusses Stella Adler and Uta Hagentwo acting teachers who advocated this physical approach. Universal dynamics in the onset of a Hagen -Poiseuille flow. The dynamics in the onset of a Hagen -Poiseuille flow of an incompressible liquid in a channel of circular cross section is well-studied theoretically. We use an eigenfunction expansion in a Hilbert space formalism to generalize the results to channels of an arbitrary cross section.

We find that t For the initial dynamics of the flow rate Q for t Non-modal stability in Hagen -Poiseuille flow of a Bingham fluid. Linear stability in Hagen -Poiseuille flow of a Bingham fluid is considered.

Bingham fluid exhibits a yield stress in addition to a plastic viscosity. A Bingham number B, which describes the ratio of yield and viscous stresses, is used to characterize the behavior of Bingham- Hagen -Poiseuille flow. The effects of B on the stability are investigated using the energy method and the non-modal stability theory. The energy analysis shows that the non-axisymmetric disturbance has the lowest critical energy Reynolds number for all B.

The global critical energy Reynolds number Reg increases with B. For the non-modal stability, we focus on response to external excitations and initial conditions. For the problem of response to initial conditions, it is found that there can be a rather large transient growth even though the linear operator of the Bingham- Hagen -Poiseuille flow has no unstable eigenvalue.

For small B, the optimal disturbance is in the form of streamwise uniform vortices and streaks. For large B, the optimal disturbance is in the form of oblique waves. The optimal energy growth decreases and the optimal azimuthal wavenumber increases with the increase of B.

Kekerabatan rayap tanah Macrotermes gilvus Hagen Blattodea: Termitidae dari dua habitat di Bogor. Many studies on these termites have been conducted, but the study of relatedness termites from different locations are barely done. The objective of this study was analyze the relatedness between subterranean termites M. The termite relatedness was analyzed with agonistic behavioral approach and molecularly, technique using mitochondrial COI gene.

Termites from both locations showed identical molecular relatedness, however behavioral analysis show that they belong from different parental lineages. Agonistic assessment showed that individuals from different habitat showed aggressive behaviour, whereas those that originated from the same nest do not show any aggression. Molecular detection however have failed to show. Toxicidade de acaricidas a ovos e adultos de Ceraeochrysa cubana HagenNeuroptera: Chrysopidae Toxicity of acaricides to eggs and adults of Ceraeochrysa cubana HagenNeuroptera: Full Text Available Objetivou-se, neste trabalho, avaliar o efeito de treze acaricidas sobre ovos e adultos de Ceraeochrysa cubana Hagen The objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of thirteen acaricides on eggs and adults of the lacewing Ceraeochrysa cubana Hagen The acaricides were sprayed using a Potter’s tower at the rate recommended for mite control in citrus orchard.

The egg stage showed high tolerance to the tested acaricides. Rayap dapat memodifikasi sifat fisik dan kimia tanah. Penelitian tentang kandungan bahan organik telah dilakukan dengan analisis proksimat metode Weende, sementara akumulasi mineral tanah menggunakan metode X-Ray berdasarkan Analysis Program Cristallynity. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa terdapat perbedaan nyata antara komposisi mineral tanah dalam sarang rayap M.


Hasil penelitian menunjukkan kandungan bahan organik dalam bangunan sarang menghasilkan sebesar Padatan ini terdiri dari karbohidrat sebesar 3. Bangunan sarang rayap yaitu SiO2 dan Despujolsite yang dibawa dari lingkungan sekitar kedalan bangunan sarang.

History of construction and heritage

Unsur-unsur yang lain diperoleh dari sebagian material yang berasal dari saliva, humus dan tanah sekitar sarang. Termites could modify the physical and chemical nature of soil. The result of the research indicated that bouwhidtorie was significant difference.

Behavioral ecology of Heteragrion consors Hagen Odonata, Megapodagrionidae: The intensity of the inter and intra-sexual selection can affect male behavioral traits as territorial fidelity and aggressiveness allowing the existence of different strategies.

30:30 Landscape Architecture

However, its differential success could be affected by environmental – as the diel variation in temperature – and physiological constrains – as the variation in thermoregulatory abilities. In this context, we present a behavioral analysis of Heteragrion consors Zygoptera, Megapodagrionidae trying to characterize its mating system, diel activity pattern, temporal budget, territoriality and reproductive biology. These data were obtained based on field observations using the focal individual method and mark-recapture techniques in m of a shaded Atlantic Forest stream in Brazil.

The males of this species were territorial, varying in its local fidelity, while the females appear sporadically. Males were perched in the majority of the time, but were also observed in cleaning movements, longitudinal abdominal flexion, wing flexion and sperm transfer during perch.

The males presented a perched thermoregulatory behavior related to an exothermic regulation. Foraging and agonistic interactions were rare, but dominate the other behavioral activities.

Abdominal movements associated to long lasting copula pointed to the existence of sperm competition in this species. Males performed contact post-copulatory guarding of the females. These observations pointed to a non-resource mating system for this species. Full Text Available Pengukuran koefisien viskositas zat cair menggunakan hukum Hagen -Poiseuille dengan metode Microcomputer Based Laboratory telah dilakukan.

Viskositas merupakan ukuran penolakan fluida terhadap perubahan bentuk di bawah tekanan shear. Hukum Hagen -Poiseuille digunakan dalam penelitian ini karena zat cair yang digunakan merupakan zat cair Newtonian. Data penurunan massa zat cair direkam menggunakan sensor gaya buatan Vernier Tecnology dan analisis fitting data menggunakan software Logger Pro.

Nilai karakteristik waktu diperoleh dari hasil fitting data digunakan untuk perhitungan koefisien viskositas zat cair menggunakan hukum Hagen -Poiseuille. Measurement of liquid viscosity coefficient using Hagen -Poiseuille law with Microcomputer-Based Laboratory method has been done. Viscosity is the fluid declination measure of form changes under sheer pressure. Hagen -Poiseuille law is used in this study because the liquid used inleidign a Newtonian liquid.

Capillary viscometer tanks attached to force sensors are filled with liquid to be streamed out through capillary tubes of length 9.

henk zijlstra 4harnessing: Topics by

Data on the mass degradation of liquids was recorded using a Vernier Technology force sensor while the data fitting analysis using Logger Pro software. The time characteristic values which obtained from the data fittings are used in the calculation of the liquid viscosity coefficient using Hagen -Poiseuille law. Sterlac, Orlan y Gunther von Hagens.

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