The HP xw Workstation is just such a beast. With a quad-core Our review unit arrived with the following specifications: Processor: Intel. NOTE: Although HP Personal Workstations can be ordered with the HP Installer Kit for Linux .. ATAPI Removable Media Device BIOS Specification Version technologies into a powerful, flexible, and reliable single processor socket workstation, the. HP xw Workstation gives you and your business a professional.

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Quad-Core and Dual-Core are new technologies designed to improve performance of multithreaded software products and hardware-aware multitasking operating systems and may require appropriate operating system software for full benefits; check with software provider to determine suitability; not all workstatikn or software applications will necessarily workstatio from use of these technologies.

Please refer to the Linux Hardware Support Matrix http: Intel Virtualization Technology requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, virtual machine monitor VMMand applications enabled for virtualization technology.

Functionality, performance, or other virtualization technology benefits will vary depending on hardware and software configurations. Requires identical hard drives speeds, capacity, interface.

HP xw Workstation Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

Review and customize system configuration settings controlled by the BIOS. This product has received or is in the process of being certified to the following approvals and may be labeled with one or more of these marks:. This product does not contain any of the following substances in excess of regulatory limits refer to the HP General Specification for the Environment at http: This card supports up to two displays.

HP qualified drivers may be preloaded or available from the HP support Web site: No driver is required for this device.

Native support is provided by the operating system. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Intel, the Intel logo, Pentium, and Pentium Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other countries. Terms and conditions vary by country. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Padlock loop in rear of chassis. Locks side cover and secures chassis from theft. Kensington lock slot in rear of chassis.

Threaded feature in rear of chassis. Locks side cover and locks cables to chassis. Secures chassis from theft and allows multiple units to be chained together when used with optional cable. User can prevent the workstation from writing to or booting from removable media. Prevents an unauthorized person from changing the system configuration.


HP xw4600 Workstation Product Specifications

Industry-standard specification for network alerting in operating system-absent environments. The diagnostics utility enables you to perform testing and to view critical computer hardware and software configuration information from various sources.

This utility enables you to:. HP Insight Speciflcation simplifies the process of effectively identifying, diagnosing, and isolating the hardware issues.

In addition to robust management tools, service tools can be invaluable in quickly resolving system problems. To streamline the service process and resolve problems quickly, it is necessary to have the right information available at the time that a service call is placed. The primary information requirement, which is also the one that provides the greatest insight into potential system issues, is the configuration of the system.

Insight Diagnostics helps provide higher system availability. Typical uses of the Insight Diagnostics are:.

Documenting system configurations for upgrade planning, standardization, inventory tracking, disaster recovery, and maintenance. Sending configuration information to another location for more in-depth analysis. Provides more control over how and from what devices the workstation will boot.

Monitors the temperature state within the chassis. Automatically shuts down the computer without warning before hardware component damage occurs. Provides secure, fail-safe ROM image management from a central network console. Allows the system to enter and resume from low power modes sleep states. Controls system power consumption, making it possible to place individual cards and peripherals in a low-power or powered-off state without affecting other elements of the system.

A user-defined string stored in non-volatile memory that is displayed in the BIOS splash screen. System administrators can power on, restart, and power off a client computer from a remote location. Enables cost-effective power consumption when the administrator needs to distribute software, perform security management, or update the ROM.

Allows a new or existing system to boot over the network and download software, including the operating system.

Revision level is digitally encoded into the HW and cannot be modified. HP recommends Windows 7. R watt continuous 80 PLUS efficient power supply. Intel X38 Express chipset. Expansion Slots see system board section for more details. Expansion Bays see storage section for worlstation details.

Chassis Dimensions W x D x H. Exact weights depend upon configuration Minimum: Option Kit Part Number. All DIMMs must be either x8 or x16 width. Please install memory in pairs. Memory must be installed in pairs.

Integrated High Definition audio with internal speaker. LightScribe creates a grayscale image similar to black and white photography. LightScribe media required and sold separately. Double-layer discs can store more data than single layer discs.


However, double-layer discs burned with this drive may not be compatible with many existing single-layer DVD drives and players. Not supported as a 2nd drive option.

For high speed transmission, connection to a Gigabit Ethernet server and network infrastructure is required. Certain Windows Vista product features require advanced or additional hardware. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor can help you determine which features of Windows Vista will run on your computer.

Racking and Physical Security. ECC available on data, parity on address and command. Memory upgrades are accomplished by adding DIMMs of the same or varied sizes. For best performance the total amount and type of memory loaded into Channel A and Channel B should be the same.

If it is not, your computer will see all the RAM installed but will run the memory controller at a lower performance mode.

HP xw Review –

Also, add the memory into both channels e. If you have unused slots within a channel, make them socket 2 and socket 4. This provides the best margin for the memory bus. If you are only using 1 DIMM, install it in socket 1.

HP xw4600 Review

It is a good alternative to hardware-based RAID. Yes requires optional 2nd Serial Port Adapter. Integrated Trusted Platform Module. Withstands power surges up to V. Declared Noise Emissions Entry-level and High-end configurations. System Configuration Entry level. Deskside Sound Pressure LpAm, decibels. Floppy Hhp Operating continuous copy. Physical Security and Serviceability. Requires T Torx or flat blade screwdriver to remove heatsink.

Yes, on tool-free internal chassis mechanisms. Color-coordinated Cables and Connectors. Tool-less, can be spefification without removing any internal components. Restores the computer to its original factory shipping image.

Also acts as a reset switch when held for 4 seconds. Universal Chassis Clamp Lock Support. Locks rear IO cables to prevent cable theft. Enable or disables serial, USB, audio, and network ports. Prevents an unauthorized person from booting up the computer. Recovers corrupted system Workstatioon. HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition The diagnostics utility enables you to perform testing and to view critical computer hardware wworkstation software configuration information from various sources.

This utility enables you to: Run diagnostics View the hardware configuration of the system Key features and benefits HP Insight Diagnostics simplifies the process of effectively identifying, diagnosing, and isolating the hardware issues.