System requirements. Operating system. hMailServer can be installed in the. Configuration tutorial. Overview. This page describes the basics of configuring . The database engine runs inside of hMailServer which means that hMailServer.

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Please see the API change log for more information. Hi, i have followed all the instructions to last, am able to connect outlook express to the local mail server but running from the same computer docukentation outlook configuration works perfect.

OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 0.

Search for message indexes and internal UID’s did not work properly. Deliveries may fail for a number of reasons. Since it’s almost always possible to send email through your ISP’s email server, this is a workaround if port 25 is blocked.

hMailServer changelog

It’s now changed back to the v4-order to maintain backwards compatibility. Here is more information about MX records. When i try to configure outlook from another pc within the same LAN, outlook fails to connect to local mailserver. The password can be anything you like as long as it’s longer than 5 characters. For some reason that is now long documenttion, I have decided to use hMail Server freeware.

There was an update in ClamWin on how the command mhailserver parameters were parsed, which broke compatibility Issue Hmaipserver the DNS blacklist settings, documentafion now possible to specify ranges by using – for example Issue 85 hMailServer Administrator: Issue with forwarding Auto-Submitted header Version 5. That would result in an infinite loop. Select localhostand click Connect. That communication occurs via port The installation program is now rendered properly on high-DPI screens.

Interesting, but a little bit complicated for such task as collecting mails from dev environment. It includes a wide range of new features such as built in backup support, awstats support, IMAP sort extension, new API’s and increased performance.

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hMailServer documentation – hMailServer – Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

Auto-ban does not always work, depending on the client IP address. It was not possible to rename a folder from Ddocumentation to SomeNameTest without first renaming it to something completely different. The built-in diagnostic test always attempted to connect on port 25 when testing outgoing connections. Before, hMailServer only informed the user when he tried to perform an action he did not have permission for.

The error message when trying to create two IP ranges with the same name has been improved. Moreover, you need to make sure “Override default domain settings” option is checked for the domain s in question.

Installation and configuration of local Mail server

Screen resolution The administration program for hMailServer, hMailServer Administrator, requires a screen resolution of x or above. The size is specified in KB. In earlier versions, the IP range configuration was used to determine whether or not Anti-spam or Anti-virus should be run for external accounts.

The database upgrade is now done in a transaction assuming the underlying database supports it. You will need the password later on when performing server administration, so don’t forget it. Issue 88 Version 4. These default IP ranges should be sufficient for almost all users. Every hMailServer domain should be connected to an internet domain. What basic checks need to do from hMailserver.

Upon enabling the integration, you need to apply it for those domains, that’s done by opening the settings and simply clicking Save not required for the domains added after enabling the integration. Your solution with hMail Server allowes all of this, but….

As an example, it’s possible to set up an account rule that forwards message from one user UserA to another UserBand then another rule that forwards the message back from UserB to UserA. This change hmailserer made partly because the term “Forwarding relay” was a bit confusing and partly to improve performance. Previously only one attachment was added.


Choosing database engine

No error message was displayed when user tried to create two routes with the same name. If no such timestamp exists or is unparseablethe timetamp in the Date header is used.

You are now ready to use your local e-mail address for your local Magento installation. HeaderValue property, it’s possible to add and modify existing headers. The problem occurred if a rule executed a script function which saved a message, and another rule moved the same message after that. The reason is that this functionality has caused problems for users who have enabled it without knowing what it does. This change will prevent hMailServer from stop working after an upgrade which previously happened if the cipher list contained ciphers supported in the old but not in the new version Version 5.

Changes have been made to prevent this error. A change has been made to the garbage collection algorithm to make it a bit more stable.

If you configure hMailServer to delete messages from external accounts after X days, they are never deleted from the remote server. Message delivery failed if recipient server did not support EHLO.

It also allows for using autoresponder feature. Your solution with hMail Server allowes all of this, but… I prefer just to emulate sandmail on a windows machine.

Welcome message The welcome message is sent to SMTP clients directly after they have connected to the server.