Marija Gimbutas believed that the expansion of the Kurgan culture was conducted as a series of hostile, military conquests. Gimbutas wrote. The territory delineated by as as Kurgan territory abounds with “ unexplained” toponyms etymologized to “undefined” languages of the. Lithuanian/American archaeologist Marija Gimbutas () posits that the beginnings of patriarchy in Europe in light of Gimbutas’ Kurgan Theory which.

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At Lerna, the burned house of Tiles was not rebuilt, apsidal structures appeared, and the settlement plan changed.

Neither the horse, not sheep are venerated, they are animals to eat, and in case fimbutas the horse to ride.

Marija Gimbutas and the expansion of the “Kurgan people” based on tumulus-building cultures

When viewed from the top, the stabbed decoration forms a solar design. The earliest indication of the Tengrian beliefs appear with the first burials where the deceased is furnished with the travel necessities, be it food, tools, transportation, or whatever the technical development of the time could provide, starting kurgam approx.

BC, and was moving westward.

Elsewhere was a genetic discontinuity The Bell Beaker culture of western Europe which diffused between and BC between central Europe, the British Isles, and the Iberian Peninsula, could not have arisen in a vacuum.

The Second Wave, c. Bone was used for awls and needles as well as for ornaments. This culture is named after the Vucedol hill fort at Vukovar on the Danube, northwestern Yugoslavia, excavated by R. The male skeleton was in a contracted position with a silver axe and gold dagger deposited at his waist, with five gold rings and a copper plate at his head. It seems that the Danish group is now taking a stance in favour of a Maykop route from the linguistic supplement:.

as – Kurgan Culture – TurkicWorld

But, this was the main reason of Gamkrelidze and Ivanov to propose that homeland, and in that sense it is obviously flawed. Pontic from the people described for Kvalynsk and Early Pit Gravers.


In the mythology of the afterlife and the funerary traditions of the Khvalynians, the same egalitarianism of the forms of funerary buildings was dominant, but signs of the personification of graves began to appear, with marks in the rarest of cases with stones.

I doubt that Gimbutas, who was not very fond of tradition, would be proud of this kind of legacy, though… Featured image: Outstanding sites are Usatovo near Odessa 59 and Tudorovo in Moldavia.

The Bird Goddess gijbutas the Vinca tradition and her symbols continued to be represented, but most of the symbolic signs and decorative motifs, especially those on the interior of dishes and braziers, are not in the Old European tradition.

Also, we have R1b-Z lineages and clear steppe ancestry in the region probably ca. They each bear a strong resemblance to the difficult-to-access and heavily fortified hills at Mikhailovka in the Lower Dnieper, and Liventsovka at Rostov on the River Don in the Gimbytas. The typical vessel for which the culture is named is an amphora with a flat or rounded base FIGUREwith or without two or four small handles above the shoulder for suspension.

The takeover in Greece was apparently analogous to that of east-central Kurgxn which entailed a transformation of the basic social structure and administrative system by the establishment of a ruling class in hill forts.

Kurgan hypothesis – Wikipedia

This change in social structure was accompanied by a change in religion. Cist walls were engraved with figures of men and male animals or painted in red ochre with zigzag, cross, and solar designs.

Journal of Cuneiform Studies Second half 4th mill. An intensive defense system is seen in the chain of impressive fortresses and fortified hilltop villages. The Tengrian sprinkling on the sacred tree is gombutas identical to the Christian burning candles. kurgxn

The oxen and plow mast be attributed to the Old Europe, gijbutas there is an alternate agricultural candidate not mentioned by Prof. The economy was not uniform through the entire Baden territory; farming predominated in the northwest, 74 while a pastoral economy predominated in other areas, particularly in eastern Hungary and northern Yugoslavia.


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The lack of researchers from Norway — where R1b subclades brought by Bell Beakers peak — in the workgroup is revealing. The eponymous construction of kurgans mound graves is only one among several factors. Antler cheek pieces and the depiction of possible bridle equipment on stone sculptures is fairly convincing evidence of horse riding. Kurban let us pay attention to the fact that the peculiarity of the posture of the deceased population of the Khvalynsk — Sredni Stog community on the back is that the deceased was not simply placed on his back, he was often heavily sprinkled with ochre.

Hill forts with enormous fortifications kurvan outstanding kurgans, including exceptionally well-built tombs of stone slabs, suggest a hierarchic society of consolidated tribal units ruled by leading families.

At the fortified hill at Cernavoda, in Dobruja, radiocarbon dates from the second phase of the hill give the age as c.

Krell holds that the Indo-Europeans had agriculture whereas the Kurgan people were “just at a pastoral stage” and hence might not have had sedentary agricultural terms in their language, despite the fact that such terms are part of a Proto-Indo-European core vocabulary. Vucedol sites virtually disappeared from Hungary and the Danube lands in Yugoslavia. Other close parallels are in Albania and Dalmatia. The complex of tools and weapons that emerged north and west of the Black Sea — daggers, knives, halberds, chisels, flat axes, shafthole axes — does not show a continuity from Old European local types.