Telegraf. E mërkurë 28 nëntor JPG. Telegraf është gazetë e përditshme e pavarur që një shpërndarje të gjërë në të gjithë territorin e Shqipërisë. 22 hours ago Zbardhet mbledhja e Kryesisë së PS, Rama paralajmëron furtunë edhe në administratë · Legalizimet, familjet që marrin tapitë në Tiranë. Forbes: The EU’s Borders And Stability Are At Risk (Kufijtë e Bashkimit Europian dhe stabiliteti janë në rrezik). Nga. tg. -. 20 Prill, Share. Facebook.

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Gazeta Telegraf is an Albanian language is a daily newspaper published in Albania. Gazeta Telegraf was established in Retrieved 1 January Archived from the original on 4 March Frances Williams 5 June Archived from the original on 1 January External links Official website Summer Day is a traditional, pagan, Albanian holiday, celebrating the change from winter to spring. It has its roots in traditional Albanian, Greek and Roman religions.

History Telrgraf date, March 14 in the Gregorian calendar, is believed to be the day when Diana would emerge from her temple every 14 years to break winter’s grip. Although the holiday continues to be highlighted in the ancient city of Elbasan, it is celebrated by all Albanians. This ancient custom is preserved and celebrated in Elbasan, Debar, Struga and Prespa. Cen Elezi was an Albanian bayraktar, Colonel and nationalist.

He is considered as a nationalist figure of Albania. A Teleggraf Dictionary of Albanian History. The number of newspapers in Albania was nearly 92 in [1] and 98 in He was born in Tirana. Antoni was proficient in French, Romanian, Italian, and Ottoman language, and had a degree in philosophy, history-literature, and archives studies.

Gazeta was a tabloid daily newspaper published in Belgrade, Serbia. The publication couldn’t keep up financially, and on October 31,it was announced by its editor-in-chief Kovacevic that the November 1st issue would be the last.

Dnevni telegraf was a Serbian daily middle-market tabloid published gazea Belgrade between and Novemberand then also in Podgorica until March It was the first privately owned daily in Serbia after more en 50 years of across-the-board public ownership under communism. Tlegraf getting a constant stream of relevant information from such a top source, the newspaper built up a sizable readership and a steady source of revenue.

Nd Haxhi Mema is a former player and manager of Tirana Youth.

Gazeta Telegraf | Revolvy

Retrieved 28 April Fatjon Pandovski 28 February Retrieved 28 February Ermal Kuka 8 January Kaja, Agron 17 March She later was arrested inbut freed for lack of proof, and subsequently joined the National Liberation Movement, first as a youth secretary of Berat, and then as commanding staff of the Vth Attacking Brigade.

According to the verbals of the investigation, partisan Zaho Koka, a former shephard, and Gjebrea admitted only t Zjarrfikset on training The Fire and Rescue service Albanian: Induring the transition of the political system in Albania, several changes were made to the Law on Firefighters. But with the growing need for the service and the need for renovation and upgrading of all departments and vehicle f It is located in Tirana, Albania.

Recently the Albanian government, in collaboration with the Albanian Football Association, has taken a decision to transform it into a National Academy of Football. His mother was a local Albanian woman from a rich family. Ali was born in Uskub in September His brother was Naxhi Shkupi, another Albanian nationalist who invested most of his wealth into the Albanian new state.


Lajme – Agjencia Telegrafike Shqiptare

At the end of the Academy he was given the rank captain. Later, he served various positions in the Ottoman Third Army in Macedonia. He supported the Young Turks movement, being part of the military units which attacke Her research is focused on issues related to European integration, the values of Albanian society, the process of democratization, international relations theories, approaches and models on conflict, the challenges of transition. The museum was built at the end of the 70’s and was inaugurated on November 1, Its architecture was designed by architects Pirro Vaso and Pranvera Hoxha, and gazera has the character of a memorial that is treated as a northern Albanian tower.

BIRN Kosova

Ottoman troops attacked it thrice, inandbut failed to take ggazeta. It was this impregnable fortress that helped George Kastrioti Skanderbeg defend Albania from the Ottoman invasion for more than two decades. Alida Hisku born is an Albanian singer[1] who was especially popular in the s.

Sinceshe has lived in Germany. Life Hisku was born on 20 June in Tirana, Albania. As the daughter of the opera singer Fiqrete Hisku, she began singing at a very young age, teelgraf her older sister and younger brother. As a child, Alida Hisku won several singing competitions. At the age of 13, she debuted in the National Song Festival Albanian: She ranked second with the song teleyraf Portrait composed by Agim Krajka, which made her known throughout the country.

Her major success came in the competitions ofwith the song “Vajzat e fshatit tim” Girls from my villageandwith the song “Buka e duarve relegraf Bread from our own handswhere she ranked first and won in both cases.

She won other prizes during the competi This is a list of newspapers in Serbia. He was the brother of Ceno Bey Kryeziu, Albanian politician and diplomat known as a Serbian agent,[1] as well as Said Bey and Hasan Bey, both resistance and anti-communists fighters, and son of Riza Bey Kryeziu, an influential local bey who had contributed in the League of Junik and was one of activists of Albanian national movements of early 20th century. He would become an enemy of Ahmet Zogu after the assassination of his brother Ceno in Prague in by Alkiviadh Bebi, and Among the Albanian patriots, he ns courage and began fighting.

During the years ofDragobia fought Turkish,[5] Greek, Montenegrin and Serb invading forces[6][7] and participated in the Albanian declaration of independence in Vlora in He continued as the leader of the Gjakova highlands of Tropoja.

He has received several awards for his activities. He has studied medicine in the University of Bologna and the University of Sofia. During the Albanian resistance of World War II he escaped from execution from Italian and German troops three times inand Retrieved 5 May Vitaly Eduardovich Portnikov Ukrainian: Inhe was the editor-in-chief of the Evening News is a Serbian daily newspaper.

Novosti as most people call it for short also employs foreign correspondents spread around 23 national capitals around the globe. Tdlegraf It first appeared on stands on October 16,edited by Slobodan Glumac, who set the newspaper’s tone for years to come.

Housing an extensive network of journalists and contributors, the paper reported and commented on various issues and events according to twlegraf mantra: The file F dated November 17,which Novosti published for the first time gave new details of Waldheim’s whereabouts in Yugoslavia during the war. Skanderbeg had been the leader of the Albanians for over a decade and had seen many victories over Ottoman arms.


However, after his loss at Berat in at the hands of Isak bey, Skanderbeg was betrayed by some of his most trusted officers, among them Moisi Arianit Golemi. Golemi returned the next year with an Ottoman force under his command, but was defeated at the Battle of Oranik and rejoined Skanderbeg’s army. Later, the dissatisfied Hamza Kastrioti betrayed Skanderbeg and was offered joint-command with Isak bey over a second Ottoman invasion force. Both Isak bey and Hamza were This consistent pattern can be traced back until as early aswhen Nicholas I succeeded his late brother Alexander as the Russian Emperor.

Nicholas I’s son Alexander II formed the telefraf “bald—hairy” pair of the sequence with his father. The current “bald—hairy” pair of Russian rulers are the balding Vladimir Putin and the hairy Dmitry Medvedev who has a full head of hair. Putin was the president from until ; Medvedev held the post untilwhereupon Putin became president again.

A bald or telebraf balding state leader is succeeded by a non-bald “hairy” one, and vice versa. While this pattern is most likely a coincidence, it has held t Anastas Byku died was a 19th-century Albanian publisher and journalist.

His endeavor was short-lived but he tried again in with another newspaper, Promytheus o Pelasgos, this time exclusively in the Greek language.

Byku held that the Albanians were descendants of the Pelasgians and the Illyrians, and were one single people, although they were telegdaf different religious faiths; still according to him they should be inseparable from the Greek nation: Thucydides, History A, 3.

Editorial introduction Byku, signing his publications as Anastasios Pykaios Greek: Politika ekspres was a Serbian daily newspaper, published in Belgrade by Politika AD from until After initial difficulties it eventually managed to build a sizable readership, so that by the early s it achieved a daily circulation in excess ofcopies. The piece was even referenced on RTS televi Politics is a Serbian daily newspaper, published in Belgrade.

Gazeta Telegraf

Founded in [1] by Vladislav F. Ribnikar, it is the oldest daily newspaper still in circulation in the Balkans and is considered to be Serbia’s newspaper of record.

Due to World War I, there were no issues from 14 November to 21 Decemberand again teleggraf 23 September to 1 December Due to World War II, there were no issues from 6 April to 28 October In protest against government’s intentions to turn Politika into a state-owned enterprise, a single issue was not published in the summer of The launch is About half of the pages are devoted to football, whereas the rest deals with athletics, auto racing, basketball, boxing, cycling, judo, karate, handball, tennis, shooting, skiing, swimming, volleyball, waterpolo, wrestling, and other olympic and non-olympic sports.

This may slightly vary in the off-season or during big sporting events.

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