English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘ganglio geniculado’. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘dolor de oído por inflamación del ganglio geniculado’. Postula-se que a reativação deste vírus no gânglio geniculado esteja relacionada com a paralisia de Bell. Nesta situação, os vírus, que estariam latentes neste.

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El ganglio geniculado contiene. El nervio petroso superficial mayor. No macroscopic alterations were seen on ganglio geniculado facial nerve in the first portion, GG nor on the second portion. It was possible to separate the ganglio geniculado from the nerve and decompression was effected on the first portion, the GG and the start of the second portion.

The pathology report on the tumour indicated haemangioma of the GG. No changes occurred in the hearing level after the procedure.

The patient began to recover functionality after the sixth month, and the facial function 1 year after surgery was grade IV on the House-Brackmann scale. A gold weight has now been placed on her upper eyelid to help achieve complete eye closure Figure 2. No relapse has been observed in the tumour 2 years after surgery.

Case 2 Figure 1. Lesion at the level of the geniculate ganglion region with uptake of gadolinium producing a ganglio geniculado alteration in the signal from the adjacent parenchyma. The otoscopy was normal, as was the Figure 3. Lesion around the geniculate ganglion surrounding the cochlea.


Documento descargado de http: Hemangiomas of the Geniculate Ganglion audiometry.

The EMG revealed signs of severe axonal and demyelinizing lesion to the right facial nerve. The EMG findings, together with the clinical history, indicated a compressive lesion. In view of the suspicion of a tumour on the facial nerve, exeresis of the lesion was performed through a transtemporal approach on the right ear. During surgery, the anterosuperior face of the petrous bone was seen to be deformed ganglio geniculado a structure of vascular appearance that was resected.

Ganglio geniculado pathology result was haemangioma of the GG.

No changes were observed in the post-operative audiometry test. The Gehiculado 1 year and a half after the procedure showed an improvement in the nerve conduction.


Facial function 4 years after the procedure was grade II. Other symptoms include earache; pulsing tinnitus, similar to that of a vestibular schwannoma; vertigo, and conductive hearing loss. The dizziness and pulsing tinnitus are rare and may stem from the ganglio geniculado invasion of the cochlea or vestibule, or compression of the vestibular nerve.

Conductive hearing loss occurs due to the spread of the tumour into the middle ear, although this happens only very rarely.

Apart from its ability to show pathological geiculado in the nerve, MRI is useful to discard other causes of paralysis of the facial nerve, such as parotid tumours or other kinds of intracranial lesions. High-resolution CT of the temporal bone may be very useful when geniculxdo comes to differentiating haemangiomas from other pathological entities and it can also provide important anatomical information for surgery.


On ganglio geniculado other hand, facial schwannomas appear in the CT scan as masses with well-defined margins.

There is also no specific symptom that helps us to differentiate ganglio geniculado 2 conditions and the only noteworthy clue is that haemangiomas tend to produce symptoms at a smaller size than schwannomas.

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