View and Download Yamaha FZ service manual online. FZ Motorcycle pdf Yamaha fz(3c15) iindonesia parts catalogue (58 pages). Motorcycle. SERVICES MANUAL FZi: ENGLISH VERSION – taj motoshop: fzi services and accessories ‘A place where fz’s tuned and defined’. Products 1 – 6 of 6 Our FZi Yamaha workshop manuals contain in-depth maintenance, service and repair information. Get your eManual now!.

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2008-2013 Yamaha FZ150i (V-Ixion) Workshop Repair Service Manual

The repairs and maintenance performed by a person who lacks such knowledge that the vehicle will probably not be secure and fit for use. Yamaha Motor India Pvt Ltd.

All Yamaha authorized dealers will be informed of any amendments and changes substantial occur in specifications or procedures, and these are included in future editions of this manual, when necessary. Includes explanations of all installation, removal, disassembly, assembly, manul, and testing procedures are set out in individual steps in sequential order.

The manual is divided into chapters and each chapter is divided into seervice. Liquid fill The following symbols are used in this manual 3.

Lubricant to facilitate understanding. Torque The following symbols are not relevant to 6. Wear limit, tolerance each vehicle. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. Keep all parts away from any fire source.

Use oil and grease recommended by Yamaha, for all lubrication services. Other brands may be similar in function and appearance, but When installing oil seals “1”, lubricate the edges of oil seals with a thin layer of grease lithium soap base. In the bearings, apply oil, if requested. Use only the appropriate special tools, which will help to prevent damage by the use of inappropriate tools or improvised techniques.

Tool to install the crankshaft spacer. Tool to remove the crankshaft. Multimeter ThEste instrument is used to check the circuits or electrical components.

Loctite Three Bond This adhesive is used to provide greater resistance to Torx screws for adjustment. Torque specifications Tightening of the components or assemblies Special mentioned in each chapter this manual. To prevent distortion, cross-clamping assemblies with several fastening points, in progressive stages, until the specified torque. Ib Plug 10 Nm 1. Ib Screw head cover Conduit 15 Nm 1.

Calam̩o РYamaha FZi (V-Ixion) Workshop Repair Service Manual

Ib Cylinder head bolts exhaust. Ib Screw the housing 1 and 2 50 Nm 5. Ib Nut kickstarter 12 Nm 1. Ib Lead screw gear Screw clutch motor 14 1. Ib start 60 6. Ib Main gear nut Right side crankcase Ib Lower ring nut MI 22 Nm 2. Ib Upper ring nut Final 6 Nm 0. Ib Nut rear wheel axle 90 Nm 9. Ib Screw crown and hub clutch 43 Nm 4. Ib Tension bar and shoe holder plate 20 Nm 2.


Ib Camshaft and brake lever 10 Nm 1. Pass the breather hose and battery 2. Cable sensor unit the drain hose from the carburetor to 3. Brake Hose through the exterior of the motor 4. Pass the breather hose and battery 5. All maintenance must be performed according to the periodic maintenance schedule which mentioned below to maintain the best performance of the vehicle.

The items marked with an asterisk must be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, information and technical expertise. Rotate the crankshaft in the opposite direction of the b.

Turn the adjustment screw “3” in direction “a” or “b” Fuel tank to obtain the specified valve clearance. Engine idle If out of specification? Probe “2” meter CO Calibrated for the exhaust pipe “3”, using the appropriate adapter “4” Direction “a” Increases engine idle Direction “b” Tighten the lock nut.

Yamaha FZI {V-Ixion } Repair Workshop Manual On CD | eBay

Fz15i0 not alter the settings of the carburetor, if the engine performance is good. If necessary, adjustments should be recorded existing No. To verify the configuration of the screw demezcladelcarburador, sigael CO adjustment procedure ” Before installing the spark plug, clean the surface 1. Spark plug cap 8. Before removing the spark plug, clean air Before checking the ignition timing, compressed dirt that may have accumulate in the gap of the spark plug to prevent If it is not engine oil Assemble the new oil servjce element after one minute, turn off the engine to and fz1500i of the oil filter element.

Cover screw element c. Check the engine oil passages, the Oil filter oil filter element and the pump 10 Serviice 1. Slide the rubber nanual into position original. If the specified free play of clutch cable, can not be obtained on the side of the handlebar, use the adjusting nut on the motor side. Motor side Loosen the locknut “1” Never run the engine without the element of air filter installed.

The unfiltered air cause rapid wear of engine parts and may damage it. Make sure the air filter element is installed correctly in the ffz150i housing of air. Turn fuel valve to “OFF” Remove the filter cup wrench fuel “3”. Check the filter of the fuel cock. Drive your vehicle to the center support Check: Make sure the vehicle is vertical Free pedal brake “a” Set out of specification Check: Operate the front brake.

Front brake pads Tread wear indicators “1” almost touch the Replace brake disc game brake pads. The rear brake switch is actuated by Cover the brake master cylinder “1” NOTE: When you release the bleed screw, the pressure will be released and cause the contact of the lever brake with the throttle.


Tighten the bleed screw and then release the brake lever Repeat steps “e” To maintain proper alignment of the wheel, Check: Clearance of the transmission chain “a” Out of specification Adjust. Secure the axle nut to the torque wheel specified. Set the torque wrench at a right angle for the nut wrench the steering column. Spray the mxnual inside the chain between inner and outer plates, rollers and bearings.

After extensive testing, the tires listed below have been approved by Yamaha for this model. Place the vehicle on a suitable support, so that the front wheel is lifted. Disco Screw the front brake disc 30 Nm 3. The front wheel rotates irregularly shaped or this loose Replace bearings Make sure the speed sensor and the wheel hub are installed with the two interlocking projections into the two slots respectively.

Make sure the slot “a” enters the tube foreign and fits over the top “b” in the unit Speed sensor. Place the vehicle on a flat surface. Nut wheel axle Sprocket assembly of the rear wheel manufacturer’s brand out. Nut wheel axle 90 Nm 8.

WARNING Before measuring the deformation of the disc The disc brake components seldom front brake, turn the handlebars to the left require disassembly. Therefore, always or right to ensure that the wheel follow these precautions: Assemble the new brake pads and spring new brake pads. Securely attach a plastic hose transparent “1” bleed screw “2”. Place the other end of the hose a container.

Yamaha Fz150i V-ixion 2008-2013 Repair Workshop Manual on CD

Measuring deformation of the brake disk If out of sevice, repeat the setting until the deformation of the disc f150i is within the specified If the deformation of the disc brake disk Before disassembling the brake caliper, drain all the brake fluid brake system. Spring brake pads Never use solvents on the components Brake pads internal brake, as it will make the seals Liquid distribution passages brake “2” Body of the brake caliper Blow with compressed air clogged.

Deposit brake master cylinder with the specified amount and recommended brake fluid Liquid preferred DOT 3 or DOT 4 WARNING Use solame efore the brake fluid recommended, some brake fluid may cause damage to rubber seals, causing leaks and loss of efficiency elfrenado. Sand the crystallized areas with sandpaper thick. After sanding the surface crystallized clean brake bands mznual a cloth.