Tabela wartości niektórych funkcji trygonometrycznych. Wartości funkcji trygonometrycznych. Wpisz w okienko daną wartość funkcji trygonometrycznej. Full screen button selected Press space to go full screen Press. Funkcje trygonometryczne – funkcje matematyczne wyrażające między Tabela wartości funkcji trygonometrycznych dla niektórych miar kąta.

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PHP: Funkcje Tablic – Manual

Edit Report a Bug. Short function for making a recursive array copy while cloning objects on the way.

Compares both value and index. Ignores value of array, compares only indexes.

Ignores indexes of array. This also works with array sort functions: Will sort array by keys.

Will sort array in reverse order. Big arrays use a lot of memory possibly resulting in memory limit errors.

Maxima – Wikibooks, biblioteka wolnych podręczników

Searching online offered several solutions, but the ones I found have defects such as inefficiently looping through the array or ignoring keys. I was looking for an array aggregation function here and ended up writing this one.


This implementation assumes that none of the fields you’re aggregating on contain The ‘ ‘ symbol. Here is a function to find out the maximum depth of a multidimensional array.

If you need to flattern two-dismensional array with single values assoc subarrays, you could use this function: While there are a lot of array functions in the PHP libs, there also seem to be a lot of rudimentary ones missing. I went ahead and created several of my own functions for handling multiple non-associative na arrays including: I have made them available and posted documentation for them here: Mathematically, this is asking in set theory [excuse the use of u and n instead of proper Unicode: For A to be a funkkcje subset, all values in A must be in B.

I’m sure this could easily be done any number of ways but this seems to work for me.

It’s not got a lot of error fuunkcje such as sterilizing inputs or checking input types. Function to pretty print arrays and objects. Detects object recursion and allows setting a maximum depth. Should be called like so: