Complete summary of Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Analysis and discussion of characters in Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. “Friar Bacon & Friar Bungay”, a slightly creaking comedy, is now most noted for having anticipated television. One of Friar Bacon’s tricks (his namesake.

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A company of scabs!

So surely shall this head of brass be fram’d. He is worn out with continuous watching, and lies on his bed, with his magic staff in his hand and a lighted lamp by his side.

Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay – Wikipedia

Lacy for me, if he will be my lord. Trust me, Plantagenet, the Oxford schools Are richly seated near the river-side. Then, gentle friar, tell us thy intent. But, Peggy, what he cannot with his book, We’ll twixt us both unite it up in heart. But please your honour go unto the lodge, We shall have butter, cheese, and venison; And yesterday I brought for Margaret A lusty bottle of neat claret-wine– Thus we can criar and entertain your grace.

Thou’rt making of a bungayy head by art. Oh, he is a brave scholar, sirrah; they say he is a brave necromancer, that he can make women of devils, and he can juggle cats into costermongers. It joys me that such men of great esteem Should lay their liking on this base estate, And that her state should grow so fortunate To be a wife to meaner men than you.

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But tell me, shall we dine with thee today? How different is this farmer from the rest That erst as yet have pleas’d my wandering sight! I’ll go speak to him.

England ffriar England’s wealth shall wait on thee; Britain shall bend unto her prince’s love. Who but the Keeper’s lass of Fressingfield? Set him but nonplus in his magic spells, And make him yield in mathematic rules, And for thy glory I will bind thy brows, Not with a poet’s garland made of bays, But with a coronet of choicest gold.

Ned, this is strange; the friar knoweth all. Wert thou to Edward second to himself, Sole friend, and partner of his secret loves! Come, Joan and Thomas, shall we to the fair? But, Thomas, what’s the news? But, Peg, disclose not that thou art in love. Brave Prince of Wales, honour’d for royal deeds, ‘Twere sin to stain fair Venus’ courts with blood; Love’s conquest ends, my lord, in courtesy.

The beautiful Margaret is the unwilling cause of a quarrel between two of her neighbours, the Suffolk squires Serlesby and Lambert: Come, Peggy, leave these peremptory vows. The weddings having been solemnized, there enter in procession the Emptror, with a pointless sword; the King of Castile, carrying a sword with a point; Lacy, bearing the globe; Warren, a rod of gold with a dove; Ermsby, the crown and sceptre; Prince Edward and Princess Elinor, attended by Margaret, now Countess of Lincoln; King Henry the Third; Friar Bacon in his vestments; and the lords and ladies attending.


This base attire Better befits an humble mind to God Than all the show of rich habiliments.

Words from Ian McKellen

Fond Ate, doomer of bad-boding fates, That wrapp’st proud fortune in thy snaky locks, Didst thou enchant my birth’day with such stars As lighten’d mischief from their infancy? You shall to Henley to cheer up your guests.

That the Bocardos, Like peasants and elves, Are meet for themselves. His wit is quick and ready in conceit, As Greece afforded in her chiefest prime.

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Know you not Master Burden? Marry, Harry, follow my counsel–send for Friar Bacon to marry them, for he’ll so conjure him and her with his necromancy, that they shall love together like pig and lamb whilst they live.

I warrant you, sir, I have so armed myself that if all your devils come, I will not fear them an inch. Criar, enjoy the maid of Fressingfield; Make her thy Lincoln Countess at the church, And Ned, as he is true Plantagenet, Will give her to thee frankly for thy wife. Bacon will make thee next himself in love.