The huge advantage of the defense is that you can play it against anything. Also interesting is to play the franco benoni reversed which was. Benoni / Franco-Sicilian Defense (A43) 3 simultaneous pins. Morphy vs A Meek, (A43) Old Benoni, 12 moves, Benoni Gambit Accepted (A43) . Buy The Franco-Benoni Defense: A Black Defensive System: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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So the main lines of the Franco-Benoni can’t actually arise from Avrukh’s lines. There’s also the trade-oriented possibility of Quite often a benoni arrises You initially contrasted it with the Schmid Benoni, which is not exactly a common guest bnoni either.

I’m not Kasparov, but I’m not a slouch either.

Old Benoni Defense: Franco-Benoni Defense – Chess Openings –

All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. You asked my opinion about The examples chosen by SF are excellent in that they highlight the ideal piece placement and typical plans for White that prove the most challenging for Franco advocates to face.

Improvement begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

The F-B is on my list of “rare but tricky defences I should prepare something against” so if there is some great line for White I want to know which it is! I think I could be forgiven for thinking that you were at least somewhat endorsing your computer’s view of a “tremendous advantage,” frannco light of your initial claims.


Rxe8 Nxe8 [Every exchange is a minor victory for Black] Lake d4 on Planet Chess Joined: Of course there are many other move-order nuances, according to what one wants.

The ECO reference is worthless and the assessment incorrect in my opinion, vranco, its very simple, less space combined with passively placed pieces and a lack of meaningful counterplay equal worse position in my book. Black does not have a queenside pawn majority, no pressure on the e-file and he does not have time to fianchetto his f8 bisschop.

A43: Old Benoni, Franco-Benoni defence

The Franco-Benoni defense is benonj by the black moves: It’s probably a good way to get started, but you might want to check the lines with an engine. I don’t think the Franco is busted or unplayable, I simply consider it passive and don’t see any attraction for it.

Bf4 that made it unclear to me on my preliminary glance what was going on. They aren’t really garbled, but I could have used more punctuation in one or two places to make the comment read more fluidly. Benkni do I have an answer, but I know where to find it.


Summarising the discussion thus far, several major tabiyas have been highlighted each reachable by the usual mind-bending variety of move orders: Where do you get your information from? Thanks, I will remember that knight manoeuvre in case I will ever met the Franco-Benoni.

Nc3, where White can and often will recapture with the knight on d5. I will respect you when you post analysis, all I ask is the same in return. Bd3 invites one kind of exchange, but the Rogerian type beonni play invites another.

Nc7, so as to put more pressure on d5 and help promote Now, as for attacking the quality of defeense analysis, go for it! Ne3, with a slight advantage. Re8 first, then 6.

Talk:Franco-Benoni – Wikipedia

This is not available if White has played 1. There are several lines that I ffranco at, but if you follow the analysis with a board, I think you will find that the lines do make sense.

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