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Depuis quelques semaines, quand j’ouvre word le format de la page n’est plus le standard A4 automatique. Po zaktualizowaniu systemu Windows 10 PL 64bit Pro do najnowszej wersji kompilacja I’ve already reported multiple issues since 2nd of Decemberwhen 3 so-called MS “Jubilee” or “jubileum”updates were foisted upon my laptop.

Was unable to get rid of one so-called update KB Ever since the roll-out, the laptop starts with a screen photo I can’t get rid off but is extremely obnoxious. Apparently, Microsoft thinks it is great fun for customers to get these unwanted, distateful, obnoxious photos. It is one of a series of photos and replaced a photo foisted upon me but was at least the least obnoxious of a previous series.

I managed to block such unwanted photos being displayed on the screen.

When I click the latest insult, I do get a button to delete but the button is not activated and not working. Have tried to locate the folder where these focking photos are stored. The series seems to be dumped nowhere on the laptop. Any ideas where these items are stored, which folder, how to get rid of them as admin and replace with either own photo or a neutral, inoffensive screen?

If any focking MS engineer bothers to read this: You are a disgrace and on a par with virus spreading hackers. If any of you had worked for my IT department, You’d have been booted out ages ago. I have been having an issue with Gmail. I have my main gmail account which has attached my company’s gmail account. Every time I send an e-mail from my company’s gmail account to a customer a copy of the sent email is sent to my main Gmail account.


And the sent e-mail can also be seen in the “Sent mail” section. Whenever I am re-login to a machine and opening onenote it is not opening with last opened notebook. The same is working on another machine.

However, I noticed that my computer is a bit slow and was going to give it a factory reset. I really need it as I am a student and really need office for my assignments. Hi there, i know this will be frowned upon but non the less i thought i would ask the community. While trying to run said hack i get this pop up. The application must also be compiled with debugging enabled. On the 3rd of December I was forced into going along with an update of Microsofts a windows 10 update and ever since, my computer has been unable to view available WiFi connections.

After attempting to fix it in every way known to man, I realized that the update had broken my WiFi drive. No problem, I can resort to going back to their previous version right?

I’ve uninstalled drives, reinstalled drives, tried fixing it from device manager, command prompt, I’ve also tried resetting my computer and nothing. So as a last resort I called up Microsoft and they gave me instructions of things to do, I went along with them despite the fact I’d already tried everything.

As it comes to the end of our lovely and unhelpful call they demand that I pay 80 pounds for them to fix it!

Why do I have to pay money because they can’t present an update that doesnt mess up customers drives? As hilarious as they are I do want my internet back, the purple bubble game just doesn’t cut it for me. How do I get the folder structure and emails in the two apps synchronized? My Desktop Outlook is unusable as there are many, many, multiple duplicated folders, many with multiple duplicate messages.

I have no idea why it’s putting messages where it does or which app takes precedence there are three IMAP accounts that also have folder lists. The Web app has become the folder structure I need, although the Desktop has many mail rules and folder properties I’d like to keep.


Microsoft Community – Super Fresh

Help would be appreciated. Hier bleibt der Auswahlpfeil und das Symbol grau! Microsoft Community – Super Fresh http: Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel.

Embed this content in your HTML. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Contact us about this article. Bonjour, Depuis quelques semaines, quand j’ouvre word le format de la page n’est plus le standard A4 automatique.

Merci pour votre aide. Hola, he comprado una licencia de windows home.

Buy for others

Muchas gracias por adelantado. Unwanted photos since rollout updates Have found out it seems to be a special windows 10 photo. It has a colour circle formularerstellun the right hand lower corner.

Why does Windows 10 look like Windows 7 after last update? Receiving a copy of sent Gmail e-mail. Hello, I have been having an issue with Gmail.

Microsoft Community – Super Fresh

Any help will be appreciated Best Regards. Last opened notebooks are not visible. Hi All, Whenever I am formularerstelling to a machine and opening onenote it is not opening with last opened notebook.

I get “just-in-time JIT debugging” message. I have done a formulaerstellung google searches and found a few people are saying this could be a keylogger Any help is appreciated Tia. Microsoft the rip off merchant. Surely they cant expect money???? Anybody else had to deal with this ridiculousness? Syncing Web Outlook with Outlook Desktop. Problem bei der Formularerstellung in Word nach Einschalten des Schutzes. Ich habe ein Problem bei der Wogd mit Word Geht das in Word nicht mehr? In Word hat genau das gleiche wunderbar funktioniert.

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