Final Fantasy XII Official Strategy Guide – Eng – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Bradygames – Chrono Trigger. Uploaded. Documents Similar To Final Fantasy XII Official Strategy Guide. Final Fantasy Anthology Official Strategy Uploaded by. Ralf Guth. Bradygames. So a gamestop I’m near pulled about 10 of these out the back and slapped a price tag on them. Here is a few pictures from the.

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So a gamestop I’m near pulled about 10 of these out the back and slapped a 1. Here is a few pictures from the book. If you would like a book it’s possible for me to get and mail it. Message me so we can come to terms. Also if there is a character you want to see let me know, I’ll find them in the book and post them. I just called the store, they have 13 available. Redditors that already pmed me I will message first. Rfxii will go pick them up this afternoon. I will be pming you shortly with a dollar figure and my paypal account address to send me your payments!

Im out for now if anyone back out, I’ll ffxil to the next person on the list. Same thing happened to me! I still have it, the pictures brwdygames incredible, but the binding was bradygamfs crappy that a bunch of pages have fallen off. It still even smells like new!! Man I have one of these somewhere. Hoping they make an HD release or something so I can find a use for it again! Absolute Godsend before you could just have the internet open next to you.


This book was beautifully done. Bought this with the Hard-shell copy of the game. Hands down, best purchase I made for the PS2. Thanks guys for the responses, I will be willing bradgyames ship anywhere if you pay for the shipping. Calculate your shipping from gulf shores alabama. Imma call them today and see how many they still have.

Once I know I’ll respond back to this thread and see about picking them up today.

Send me a pm with your info and you can PayPal me the money for the book and shipping. I’d like one of these if you don’t mind. How to calculate the shipping? Would love a book if there is one still available. Please msg me too. I can pay shipping as well.

I snagged a couple od these mint from thrift stores. Its pretty much the standard manual with hardcover and a sleeve I believe. This is a great book, not for the strategy guide, but it comes with a small art booklet as well, easily worth it even at msrp imo.

Son of a bradygamez, this just got penny’d out? If you want a book shipped today I need the PayPal. On my way to an interview at the moment and will be shipping afterwards.

I bought one of those guides when XII came out. One of the most useful guides ever. Without it, I wouldn’t have realized half the content the game had. Oooh, I picked one of these up for about 7 bucks at my ffxji stop a few months back.

I couldn’t believe I’d actually found something like that, and for so cheap. They did a pretty good on the guide, although I did take note it seemed pretty fragile and if not careful it could easily get ruined; perhaps that’s why they didn’t as well and there was such a huge surplus of them?

Found part of it! It came in a kind of decorated sleeve, with the artbook on one side of the sleeve and the actual guide on the other side.

Can’t seem to find the actual guide itself: And the pull-out poster of the License Board. OP’s got the whole thing though!

Bradygames – Final Fantasy 12 Scan

I love them, I try to get a guide for every game. I don’t pay full price of course but they look great on my shelf above the games and the artwork and information is usually incredible. That’s the part I need to work on. Whenever I go to pick up a game, usually I have to get the guide at the same time.


Also, I have terrible impulse control when it comes to my favorite games Now if you want to find information that we purposefully withheld from this, go to our website! Our website, which may or may not be slow as hell, definitely won’t survive past a year bradygamea thus making our recommendation that you visit it to find out the withheld information completely useless and shows we have no forewardthinking braddygames all, but also shows how much we ripped you off!

They were the first I think and only people to do something like this, so it showed they were willing to take a chance on something to try to be unique. It’s almost completely useless now: A lot bradygamees the things in there were dumb little snippets of information that you’d get in a regular playthrough, though I’m a continent away from my guide to check.

Yeah, I vaguely remember some of the stuff that they ‘hid’ away on PO. Some of the things in the guide said: Check Playonline for more help! Check Playonline if you missed it earlier! There were a couple ‘useful’ things that they had withheld from the guide for some reason, like a lot of the sidequest stuff like saving all of the mogs for the Mognet mail.

They definitely should’ve forseen that there would be massive problems down the road: Bc what’s the point?

Final Fantasy XII – Signature Series Guide by David Cassady

There’s PDF files of the scans already online. I even have the PDF for this if you want it. It’s just that it’s not anymore useful than googling for the info. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Which version should I play? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I currently have one guide left! If you want it message me! Want to add to the discussion? I can pay for shipping.


I’d definitely be interested in buying one. Now I feel really bad. XII is my absolute favorite. I’ve got one of those laying around somewhere, I think.