Hello, I’m tempted to buy a Farfisa Organ, Matador-R (from the picture I believe it’s a model). I’m sorry if I’m posting on the wrong sub as. The Farfisa Matador-R was the deluxe version of the Matador. In included all of the features of the organ, in addition to a super sweet drum. This image, which was originally posted to Flickr, was uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 17 June , by Clusternote.

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Owners of Farfisa Matador? I’m sorry if I’m posting on the wrong sub as I’m not sure if this is considered a synthesizer.

File:Farfisa Matador M combo organ.jpg

I love the sounds of Farfisa but never had one for real and I’m a beginner in music or playing in general. Are there any owners here of this Model? Can you tell me what you think of it or if I should be aware of something to check when testing it? Here’s a pic of the Farfisa.

Farfisa – Wikipedia

Never played a Matador, but I own a Farfisa Compact a late s organ. The Matador is a mid 70s combo organ with a sound definitely different then a Compact.

Be sure the “Matador sound” is what you are after, not the “Farfisa sound” which is usually a Compact-based organ. Play chords and make sure they sound good, no notes out of tune or too far dropped in volume.


Don’t go throwing it around. If it needs work, its not as bad as a Compact but is still s era electronics so its not cake by any means. Thanks, very useful info!

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I saw some videos with the Matador and the sound was alright but originally I was looking for a Compact. I think I’ll have to check it thoroughly. I was frfisa, are there internal speakers or does it need to be plugged in an amp can it be plugged through a jack?

The people who are selling it are not the one who were using it so I don’t want to matdaor there and find out I can’t even hear how it sounds.

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