Bedienungsanleitung Operating Instructions Mode d’emploi Instruzioni per L’uso Gebruiksaanwijzing Instrucciones de manejo Manual de instruções. Bedienungsanleitung Operating Instructions Mode d’emploi Instruzioni per L’uso Gebruiksaanwijzing Instrucciones. Find solutions to your soehnle exacta gbf question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on soehnle exacta gbf related issues.

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Published on Oct View Download Bedienungsanleitung Operating Instructions Mode demploi Instruzioni per Luso Gebruiksaanwijzing Instrucciones de manejo Manual de instrues Bruksanvisning Brugsanvisning Kyttohjeet Kezelsi tmutat Instrukcja obsugi Nvod k pouit Kullama klavuzu N avo d i l a z a u p o ra b o U p u t a z a u p o ra b uBody monitoring scale GBF By choosing this body monitoring scale, you are making an important contribution to your health care.

It has the following functions: The scale is equipped with a person memoryPreparation for use Remove the battery fixing strips. Always place the scale on a level, firm surface for measurements.

Bedienungsanleitung Exacta GBF – Body monitoring scale (Seite 1 von 6) (Englisch)

Important adviceWe recommend that you consult a doctor if you are overweight gvf are trying to reduce your weight, or if you are underweight and are trying to put exaxta weight. Treatment and diet should only take place in consultation with your doctor. Recommendations on exercise programmes or weight loss diets, on the basis of the values determined, should be provided by your doctor or certified health professional. This product is intended for personal home use only. It is not designed for professional use in hospitals or medical facilities.

Not suitable for people with electronic implants, such as pacemakers, etc. Never use solvents or abrasives. Do not immerse gbff scale in water. Provided the middle sections of the display appear, the data will be stored. Follow the same procedure to store additional peoples data.

Enter your height confirm. Personal data must be programmed in first. Select your personal memory: This is done by keeping your foot pressed down on the platform until the desired personal memory appears on the display screen.


The screen then displays body fat, body water, muscle prportion, along with the energy consumption in kcal, body weight and the differce weight according to the last measurement. Check the following items as they appear: The scale shuts down automatically when you step off it.

When the display shows 0.

Weighing operation Tap your foot lightly on the platform to start the scale. Wait a few seconds for 0. Your body-weight reading is displayed first. Please stand still until the analysis is complete. Progress is shown in the form of a segmented graphic display. Step on to the scale and stand still until hbf weight symbol appears beside the display.

Exacta GBF 9200 – Body monitoring scale

The scale switches off automatically when the person steps off. Eating and drinking habits during the course gf the day and individual lifestyle affect the water balance. This is noticeable by the fluctuations in the display. In order to ensure that the results of analysis are a accurate and consistent as possible, keep the measurement conditions constant, as only in this way will you be able to observe changes over an extended period. Other factors can affect water balance: After a bath, the body fat reading may be too low and the body water reading too high.

After a meal, readings can be higher. Women may experience fluctuations due to the menstrual cycle. Due to loss eaxcta water caused by illness or after physical activity sport. After taking exercise, wait for 6 to 8 hours before carrying out the next measurement. Varying or implausible results can occur in the case of: Warrantyexacta guarantees that all gbv due to materials or manufacturing faults will be remedied by replacement or repair, free of charge, for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

Please keep your purchase receipt and the exavta card in a safe place.


Bscula Soehnle 62551 Exacta GBF 9201

If you have any complaints, please return the scale to your dealer with the guarantee card and receipt. The product can be used for its intended purpose again when the interference disappears a reset may be required Symbols Batteries spent.

If skin is too dry moisten feet or carry out measurement wxacta taking a bath or shower. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

For more detailed information about recycling contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.

Change batteriesGuarantee cardIf you have any complaints, please return the scale to your dealer with the guarantee card and your receipt. Disposal of spent batteries: Batteries must not be disposed of as normal household waste.

Note that you are legally obliged to dispose of used batteries in a correct way. You can return spent batteries either to public collection points in your town or to any outlet selling batteries of the same kind.

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