Find great deals for Electro Voice EV Evms Series 2 II Speaker. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Electro Voice 12″ Speaker EVM 12s Series II 8 Ohms Watts Guitar Speaker. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Older OEM Electro Voice EVMS guitar speaker. Cone is in good shape and the speaker sounds excellent. A little dusty from storage though.

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Electro Voice 12″ Speaker EVM 12s Series II 8 Ohms 200 Watts Guitar Speaker

Join the HC Newsletter. Search in titles only Search in Amps only Search. Can anyone tell me the difference between these two speakers? CC, sameoldbluesman, brett, thelorddread.

I’m never going to say it”. I wanted to say it when I got older mostly because my friends would nag me about saying itbut I just didn’t want to end the streak of not-saying it I ended up accidentally saying it to my girlfriend at the time.

Can’t speak to the S but here’s my take on the L I posted in another thread. First off, love the Ming avatar.


Electro Voice EV Evm-12s Series 2 II Speaker

Second, while at lower volumes the EV is tight and bright, it seems to me that it does darken a little, and open up significantly sound thicker and more spacious as you hit it with higher wattages. Em could also partly be a product of the Theile tuned bottom of my halfback 2×12, but I’ve talked with others that felt the same way in other speaker configurations.

However it will never sound muffled, like a blanket is thrown over it, but it does tame the highs a bit relative to it’s tone at lower volumes.

The speaker is definitely fairly transparent across it’s output range though as you said, and doesn’t compress at all until it’s hit by a good watts continuous power a watt amp cranked, or a hundred watter on the edge of breakupand then only slightly.

This is why you’ll find them in set ups from guitar to keyboards to full range PA’s. I’ve played my Tremoverb cranked through a single one, and both at the same time, and the tone never lost composure, or detail, and sounded absolutely punishing on the high gain tones.

Difference Between EVML & EVMS? | Harmony Central

If you want palm mutes to be felt in the nutsack this is definitely a speaker evmm will appreciate. If you want the sound of your amp at extreme volumes with very little coloration from the speaker itself the EV is the ticket.


Probably in the next week, or possibly two. So is Ming’s death ray 12w powered? Your posts on TGP have been fueling my massive Matamp gas.

I’m thinking when I get my other head back from the shop to run with my Mesa in stereo it will be satiated.

It should sound HUGE. Originally Posted by LoopQuantumIt would never work.

You’re in outerspace, and breathing is a bitch. Originally Posted by BrendanOThere is something very wrong with a situation when I’d rather sleep with the naked cowboy. 12x

Kool, emv for posting that. Deffinately kool stuff to know! Help FAQs Go to top. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. View the Media Kit.