Our publication of Erwin Hauer Continua resurrected the extraordinary but little-known work of this Austrian-born sculptor whose designs. If we rarely think of walls as works of mesmerizing beauty, Erwin Hauer can hardly be blamed. Erwin Hauer: Continua resurrects the extraordinary but. An Erwin Hauer screen, formed from a weather-resistant composite of Erwin Hauer Continua: Architectural Screens and Walls in

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DESIGN – Architectural screens from Erwin Hauer Studios | Architonic

Erwin Franz Hauer was born on January 18,in Vienna. Josef Albers invited him to study at Yale University the following year. Hauer went on to teach sculpture there from tonamed Professor Emeritus of Sculpture upon his retirement.

Inspired first by Henry Moore, and later the Constructivist sculptors Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner, Hauer cast his most popular series, Continua, from molds in concrete, gypsum, and acrylic resin using processes he developed while living in Vienna.


But it was in the U. Hauer remained dedicated to his craft throughout his life, quietly settling in Bethany, Connecticut, while teaching at Yale.

Architectural Screens and Walls in But it was a year earlier that Hauer reconnected with Enrique Rosado, a former student at Yale.

Rosado convinced him to revive Continua for commercial production but using modern technology.

Though slowed down by age, Hauer published his second book, Still Facing Infinity: Sculpture by Erwin Hauer Images Publishingjust days before his death. To me, he was an icon, and the most lovely and gentle man.

These pics were from a studio visit: A post shared by Cindy Allen thecindygram on Dec 20, at 6: Sorry, but there are no results continua-archittectural your search.

Try again or go to homepage here. Photography by Nelson Kon. Hauer’s screens created fascinating light and shadow play.

Still Facing Infinity Images Publishing. Image courtesy of Erwin Hauer Studios.