Elektricna merenja shared a link. 17 March ·. Električna šema Frižidera – princip rada rashladnih uređaja. Drugi deo animacije za maturski. View Bogdan Bogdanovic’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Bogdan has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on . Električna merenja (13EEM) – Električna merenja – završni praktičan rad u laboratoriji – raspored termina · Električna merenja (13EEM) – Električna.

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It’s well known that throw dimensional equitation can not discover hidden physical nature laws and gave as something new, because they are only as result of our human arbitrary conventions.

The effect of this meremja is that the second is the duration of 9 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium atom. These units connect spherical and flat spacemacro and micro cosmos and also curved and fractal space.

Tehnička rešenja – Elektronski fakultet Niš

There are also next units by definition, elekgricna special base units, with base unit second. Sphere – as ball surface. Unit Ampere depend on length and because of that can not be a base unit. Coulomb per Volt meter per rev. The present basic unit of electric current Ampere can’t be basic unit because is defined with Coulomb.

With this definition for second is hard to connect base unit metre with periods. The present International System of units SI is not finished job.

There are many examples where such test can be made and many illogical results can be find.

Metode i instrumentacija za električna merenja

Elektricna merenja – V. Wikipedia – the free Encyclopedia. Table with new Special base SI units. Base for this SI units redefinition proposal are: Coulomb per Volt meter per cycle. The flow or flux of one Coulomb of electrons throw radius as part of the circle or closed loop, with angular velocity w is namedby definition, derived unit for radius electric current – Ampere radius.


Some of units are independent from new special Si units as velocity and energy. Linear relationship between redshift and distance. Kelvin, unit of temperature – same as draft resolution 2, with special unit particle [par] and without [J]. Redefinition and improving the base SI units. This set of derived units and constants must be part of this proposal for base SI units revision.

Radius – as element of the circle. The product of kilogram [kg] and squared velocity v 2 by definition derived unit of energy – Joule [J]. The product of electron mass and number Solving some of the most usual problems in Physics with new units: Starting from well known concepts or facts for the basic phenomena and processes in nature as well as objects and objects that appear or contains in them, the following special units will be introduced and defined, which units will be starting point for basic or derived units definition, which are used in science and in society at all.

Suggestion for basic postulates, for base or derived SI unit definition or redefinition. Jovanovic, Naucna knjiga Beograd, Because the number of the electrons is taken as base to define the unit Coulomb, and with that the base unit Ampere, it be usefully to take also the number of the electrons as base, to define the basic unit kilogram.

There are also next derived units, by definition, using elketricna units, with base units metre. The problem with this proposal is that there is no formula connected with this definition? Because of their importance at first they are named as supplementary unitsbut later they are named as derived units. Suggestions for improving the new proposal for base SI units revision.

Metode i instrumentacija za električna merenja | Zenodo

With this new proposal for special SI base units, for example, we can solve the existing problem with dimensions and units in well-known equation for the photon quantum energy, where are mix two units from different fields.


Also the proposal for new unit with name object or particle par or obfor any objects as planets and stars or any known particles as photon, electron, proton, molecule and so on, is very useful.

The kelvin, K, is the unit of thermodynamic temperature; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the Boltzmann constant to be equal to exactly 1. These new proposed base SI units definitions will enable determination of all known rest derived units and constants.

This proposal express with formulae. The kilogram, kg, is the unit of mass; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the Planck constant to be equal to exactly 6. The problem with this definition is that the base unit for time, second, is determined by definition, equal to number of periods, not with formulae.

The mole, mol, is the unit of amount of substance of a specified elementary entity, which may be an atom, molecule, ion, electron, any other particle or a specified group of such particles; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the Avogadro constant to be equal to exactly 6.

There was two special supplementary SI derived units units with special names. They are all variables and also tools, literally, for extending or shorting the metre. Because of that it was hard to see the existing problem with units.

The flow or flux of one Coulomb of electrons throw circle or closed loop, with circular velocity f o is namedby definition, derived unit for revolution electric current – Ampere revolution Ampere thread.