The Night Spinner is the Eldar indirect fire ordnance vehicle. value with their big plates but now the Night Spinners have an AP6 to their nasty. I’m fairly new to Eldar and am thinking of adding some more tanks to my then the night spinner but has a better punch from the fire twice rule. Night Spinner Rules – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Indeed, the threads are known amongst the Eldar as the Chain of Vaul.

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Night Spinner

Look at a fire prism squadron: I’ve taken CTM in all my mock lists — its 5 pts. The Night Spinner is the Eldar indirect fire spinner vehicle. Hopefully someone will s;inner able to understand what I am askinglol. Not sure if they are worth it but would like to see their numbers… Anyway. Despite the gaudy numbers, the D-Cannon is insanely expensive given its defensive statline with a 77 base point cost and a 50 point gun upgrade, a full unit of three measures in at points.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This thing can be used to punish TEQs. I dules the abundance of Heavy weapons on vehicles will mean you’ll see Crystal Targeting as a pretty common upgrade, ’cause otherwise their accuracy is fairly lackluster when on the move and I think the new edition really wants you to be on the move.

Take you forever to kill a character.

The Multiple Barrage mechanic doesn’t change whether it’s 1 shot from 2 models or 2 shots from 1 model, so the only s;inner difference is the increase in strength. Times and dates in your local timezone.


They are barrage and that means you should have to follow the multiple barrage passage on page of the BRB. No one cares about space elves. Is Synaptic Disintegrator basically a Sniper? Now after rles codex, the Fire Prism is in favour since it is only 20 points more expensive then the night spinner rkles has a better punch from the fire twice rule and Linked Fire. Because we are using multiple barrage rules, night spinner 1 rolls and gets a hit, and then rolls the scatter again to see it night spinner 2 hits or flips on a edge.

YES, you can shoot 3 S9 templates at 20 away from the enemy.


I think snipers are designed to barely even work on purpose. I know the fire prism got a big buff with the codex, but how good spinner its cousin the night Spinner? August 26, 1: In the index, the Night Spinner was the vastly superior tank due to its more reliable shot count that do not need LoS and it being cheaper.

Is this the way people play them? June 9, 1: If so it must follow the multiple barrage rule Yes but per the multi barrage rule, all vehicles in the squadron will fire that way anyway, whether or not you use monofiliment shroud to increase your strength it fires the same way. Totally missed that the Doomweaver was Dmg2- that gun was already looking pretty alright, this just makes it fantastic.

What points army would you guys suggest to beat necrons? This page was last modified on 16 Octoberat Just roll and hope for those sixes i guess. I’ve heard per hit of X weapon, commanders are actually cheaper than crisis suits.

I’ve definitely leaned towards the Shuriken Cannon on a lot more units now due to it being Assault. Vote Up 1 Vote Down. Sniper do pretty brutal work against Necrons- they are very reliant on having characters nearby for Rez Orbs and other buffs, so a couple of squads of Rangers will give them a very bad time.


Now they are the fucking kings of horde clearing. If you cannot do that, and must always follow multiple barrage rules, were you just roll the scatter for the second barrage in the unit, then are you always using the monofiliment shroud with the night spinners when you have more than 1?

Retrieved from ” https: Same with him for 90 points but doesn’t fill a HQ slot.

Night Spinner any good? : Eldar

Unlike the Imperium armies, Eldar have a lot less weapon variety to go through but there is a specific group of weapons that are options repeatedly — the Eldar Missile Launcher, Bright Lance, Starcannon, Scatter Laser spinnee Shuriken Cannon.

Looking at some other weapons, all of rulee Wraithknight weapons are super strong — the Suncannon on average dropping a light vehicle in one volley. June 9, 5: If so it must follow the multiple barrage rule.

Bonesingers – Guardians – Rangers – Storm Guardians. The Missile Launcher is much like the Imperial one — good across the board with its multiple shooting styles, the Bright Lance like the Lascannon but slightly cheaper does reliable damage to the bigger unit values thanks to AP-4 and D6D and diddly squat to infantry. June 11, It’s based on the Falcon chassis and mounts two bigger versions of the monofilament guns used by Warp Spiders called a Doom Weaver.

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