Popular Alternatives to EBookDroid for Android, Windows, iPhone, Android Tablet to directly open and read PDF files that have been saved to your media card. EBookDroid is a highly customizable document viewer for Android. EBookDroid supports the following ebook and document formats: DjVU, PDF, XPS. Normally, Notes and highlights you add to a PDF document are not saved in the PDF data, but are added to the file as extended attributes. However, Skim allows .

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EbookDroid is a highly customizable PDF and document viewer. You control all the aspects of its being by eboookdroid and read the documents in the way you want it. Ironically, not many readers out there, give you the option to read DJVU formats, except perhaps its reader.

EBookDroid EBook Reader – The Impeccable PDF & DJVU Reader For Android System

The best thing about Android is its open support for different formats, even though it cannot natively dbookdroid them. The easiest way of bringing this app to your device is by just going to the play store and installing.

The best of the features in this app comes for free. In the universe, full of eBook reading apps already existing, like AldikoHelicon, Mantano and more popular Kindle and Moon Plus readersEbookDroid manages to hold its eobokdroid.

To simply put it, the eBook reader is a no-nonsense affair. The interface is simple, the UI easy to use, and it supports almost all the ebiokdroid text formats. Our advice — rid out all your other PDF processors and readers. Pick this up, because you are worth it. However, this app is fully functional with Android and not with Symbian and iOS systems. The basic lack of functionality is because the app comes with an open source material and iOS compatibility therein takes the hit.


With all the wonderful things in it, let us show you how you can use it for the full effect. The app itself is regularly updated while its use allows for a smooth read. It gives you all the options you crave for infamous readers ebokodroid as customizable bookmarks, highlighting, etc. However, the makers of the app, have only released the app for Android and not for iOS or Windows. Now, there svae two things you can ebooksroid for using this app. Technically, you could download similar apps, which do a similar work instead of this one.

EBookDroid EBook Reader – The PDF & DJVU Reader For Android System

You can always use these apps to do the task. However, if you are looking at bringing EBookDroid to Windows, the following are the steps:.

One thing majorly working for this app, is that all the versions are available for free. You can practically get the best in the class features, with future updates too, entirely at zero cost. Yes, we know that most of the eBook readers, even the more significant in them, KindleKoboNookAudible, etc. But, they are close ended ebookdrodi, where they are highly specific about the inputs they have.


To expand on that statement, we all know that Kindle devices including apps only accept the text forms in PDF or Mobi formats. The same goes with others as well. If there is no restriction with the formats, there is sometimes a hurdle when it comes to stores from which you can access the books from. When we look at Kindle, the books you can get there are going to be only from Amazon Kindle store. The case is very similar to other eBook readers who have strong features.

However, in all of these, there are a few eBook readers, which allow for all-inclusive books and stores. Eventually, even these apps charge for the whole set of features as opposed to just the free versions.

The app is entirely free, and the makers assure that you can expect it to stay free for the foreseeable future.

And with numerous updates, periodically brought forward by the makers, the app is surely claiming the prize of the best eBook reader app in the market in the present times.