SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/ undertaking. Product identifier. Trade name. DOWCLENE™* Cleaning Fluid. Modified alcohol DOWCLENE is an alternative to chlorinated-hydrocarbon, etc. metal cleaning and degreasing systems, sintered too, small precision parts. Product name: DOWCLENE / SAFE-TAINER™. Product code: Specification number: ST-IXO – 1/ Revision date.

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Last week saw the factory acceptance of 3 more closed solvent cleaning systems at our manufacturing partners Union spa 1610 Bologna. Two of which are going to used in the aerospace manufacturing. The systems are now being prepared for shipping and are due to be installed in the coming weeks….


For any more information on closed solvent cleaning systems see www. The closed solvent cleaning systems will be manufactured by our Italian partners Union s.

R EACH is already starting to have a significant impact on component cleaning processes as the registration process imposes controls on the use of certain chemicals, which means that many companies are uncertain of the way forward. For more information on the Union s. These systems incorporate advanced technology and can be used with traditional, chlorinated solvents as well as hydrocarbons and A3 modified alcohols including Dowclene They combine high performance cleaning with operator safety and environmental compliance.


The MDM range is designed to accommodate multiple load baskets and is especially suitable for high-volume cleaning of small, precision parts. Machines can be customised to incorporate specific basket designs to suit component geometries.

DOWCLENE | Hubbard Hall

Cleaning processes can incorporate a combination of spray, immersion and vapour treatments with ultrasound available where the application requires it. Baskets can be rotated, oscillated, or held static to suit the nature and sensitivity of components.

Component drying is achieved using either recirculated hot air or vacuum technology. We will work with you to specify a machine to meet your exact cleaning requirements, including customised basket design and automated loading where required.

MUM machines incorporate all the features of the smaller, MDM range and dowclenr a flexible solution to larger-scale cleaning applications. If you would like to find out more about these machines, or any of our extensive range of solvent and aqueous cleaning systems, contact us today: The unit has a basket size of mm x mm x mm deep.


Component drying is achieved using vacuum technology. For more information on this unit contact: The MDM Range The MDM range is designed to accommodate multiple load baskets and is especially suitable for high-volume cleaning of 6101, precision parts.

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