de agentes vasoacti- vos, ajustando el tratamiento de acuerdo con la diuresis horaria. Es conocido que las llamadas constantes vitales (diuresis, frecuencia. (98). postoperatorio (evaluado con el “objetive pain score”:OPS) Debe asimismo controlarse la diuresis horaria para evaluar la función renal posthipotensión. orotraqueal y de la sonda naso- gástrica, la medición frecuente de las constantes vitales del paciente incluyendo la diuresis horaria y finalmente la colocación.

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Meaning of “diuresis” in the Spanish dictionary. The definition of diuresis in the Spanish dictionary is excretion of urine. Another meaning of diuresis in the dictionary is also the amount of urine produced in a given time. Synonyms and antonyms of diuresis in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms.


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Examples of use in the Spanish literature, quotes and news horatia diuresis. Luis Miguel Torres Morera, Diuresis y densidad urinaria. Tricia Lacy Gomella, Vicente Rosario, Rafael Montero, La tasa horaria de Polyuria, defined as daily urine output in excess of 3. Solute-induced polyuria can be seen in hospitalized This novel option would facilitate more prompt diuresis management to avoid No retener la orina: Spanish words that begin with d.

Meaning of “diuresis” in the Spanish dictionary

Spanish words that begin with di. Spanish words that begin with diu.

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