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Buy DIN SAFETY MARKING FOR VEHICLES AND GEARS from SAI Global. DIN – Replaces DIN Also available in. Relationship to other standards. This document references: Show more documents. Standard Foreign standard – public · DIN Safety marking of vehicles and equipment. Status: Valid. Buy this standard. Price: SEK. PDF. Add to cart.

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Excellent visibility at wide angle. Microprismatic technology ensure long distance visibility. Personalized width are available.

vcan – Vehicle Retro-Reflective Marking SP-DIN

Non-metallic construction to prevent corrosion. Logo Imprinting is acceptable.

Enhanced visibility during rainy, foggy, and seasonal dark driving conditions. No Effect Hours. The values shall be determined on a spectrophotometer.

Warnmarkierung nach DIN – jetzt günstig online kaufen

The four pairs of chromaticity coordinates determine the acceptable color in terms of the CIE Standard Colormetric System. The instrumentally determined color values of retroreflective sheeting can vary significantly depending on the make and model of colorimetric spectrophotometer as well as the color sin retro reflective optics of the sheeting.


Routine wasSPng is recommended for maximum performance. The following cleaning methods are recommended.

Cleaning wand or jets to be at no greater angle than 45 degrees from perpendicular to the marking surface. Thoroughly rinse from markings after soaking veSPcle. Actual durability will be based on actual customer use, field testing, cin exposed testing and artificial weathering testing. Durability can be reduced if recommended techniques are not followed: Twitter Share linkedin Pin Post You yube.

Vehicle markings compliant with DIN 30710 finished sets

Maintenance Cleaning Routine wasSPng is recommended for maximum performance. Wash with sponge, cloth or soft brush using water and detergent.

Storage Cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

Store rolls horizontally, in carton or in original packaging. Recommended procedures are followed.

Safety marking of vehicles and equipment

Marking is applied to vertical surfaces. Failure to cut markings around rivets, seams and body are panels.

Improper use of SPgh pressure cleaning. Spillage of chemicals or solvents. Improper application or surface preparation.