PDF | On Jan 1, , Peter Robinson and others published Review of DAVID NUNAN: Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom. Cambridge. : Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom (Cambridge Language Teaching Library) (): David Nunan: Books. DESIGNING TASKS FOR THE COMMUNICATIVE CLASSROOM. David Nunan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Pp. x +

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It’s only 7 o’clock.

This is not to say that the teacher and learner will view the same task in the same way and attach the same ‘meanings’ to it. The input may be linguistic i.

Working out feasible timings for personal appointments consistent with the requirements of work, travel etc. Some linguists maintained that it was not necessary to teach grammar, that the ability to use a second language knowing ‘how’ would develop automatically if the learner were required to focus on meaning in the process of using the language to communicate.

In other words, by ‘task’ is meant the hundred and one things people do in everyday life, at work, at play, and in between. Another major issue to emerge from our examination of the macroskills relates to the real-world uses the learner has for the target language.

But while this might seem terribly obvious or logical, there is con- troversy over the extent to which classroom tasks should be made to mirror real-world tasks. The examples of learning tasks in the book have been taken from a variety of sources.

Learning Styles in Adult Migrant Education. We will consider later in the chapter such issues of syllabus design as when for classroom purposes we integrate skills and when we deal with them separately, and how we relate them to the aims of the learner and the goals of the programme.


Placing numbers and letters of the alphabet in given crossword formats. Like Bygate, Pattison is concerned with the lack of transfer from the practice of motor-perceptive skills to genuine communicative interaction. Schema theory is particularly significant for second language learners. This stage is essentially concerned with helping students develop skills in summarising and expressing eavid clearly and accurately in writing.

Finding items of information relevant to a particular situation in an individual’s curriculum vitae. Designjng would examine a given text and decide on an activity or sequence of activities requiring the learner to extract and transform the key information contained in the text in some communicatlve for example, by completing a diagram.

Activity types Let us now take a look at some activity types.

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However, there is no reason why they might not also stimulate genuine communi- cation. This time the interviewer does not ask all the questions and they are not in the same order as in the printed questionnaire. He suggests that an alternative to the listing of linguistic content the end point, as it were, in the learner’s journey would be to: Davld things with words: He explained that he had very little time. Although the idea of using the learning ‘task’ as a basic planning tool is not a new one in the general educational field, it is a relatively recent arrival on the language teaching scene, and there remains some confusion about the place of tasks within the curriculum.

These are issues of teacher and learner roles to which we shall return in Chapter 4. The following example shows a text exploited at these three communicafive. It will on occasion also require monitoring and problem-solving strategies, but these will not be the most prominent features, clxssroom they tend communicagive be in the conventional model where the student produces, the teacher corrects, and the student tries again.


These three in turn imply certain roles. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that meaning and form are closely interrelated. Exact date s Doff, Jones and Mitchell: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Learners are corrected if their speech deviates from standard forms, whether or not their meaning is clear.

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Revision strategies of student writers and experienced adult writers. Given the importance throughout the dexigning of English as a medium of instruction at the tertiary level, it is not surprising that a great deal has been written about this second, specialised reading goal. Obviously with such a low stocking-rate, properties have to be very large and are measured in tens and even hundreds of thousands of hectares.

Indeed, this must be one reason why writing originally evolved since it makes possible the transmission of a message from one place to another. They go on to state that: