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An important part of any operating system is documentation, the technical manuals that describe the operation and use of programs.

As part of its efforts to create a high-quality free operating system, the Debian Project is making every effort to provide all of its users with proper documentation in an easily accessible form. Do have these at hand when you make your first Debian installation, it will probably answer many questions and help you work with your new Debian system. Later you might want to go through:.


There is also some documentation written specifically for Debian. These documents come in these basic categories:.

The complete list of Debian manuals and other documentation can be found at the Debian Documentation Project web pages. You can find the full set of LDP manuals at their web pagesalong with a lot of other documentation, both in electronic and printed form.

The HOWTO documentslike their name says, describe how to do something, and they usually cover a more specific subject.

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. A FAQ is a document which answers those questions. Quick reference cards are very short summaries of a certain sub system.

Debiananwenderhandbuch : Debian GNU/Linux Anwenderhandbuch

Usually, such a reference card provides the mostly used commands on a single piece of paper. Some notable reference cards and collections include:. If you have checked the above resources and still can’t find answers to your questions or solutions to your problems regarding Debian, take a look at our support page.


To report anwenderhandbufh problem with the web site, please e-mail our publicly archived mailing list debian-www lists.

Kapitel 1. Linux, Debian, freie Software?

For other contact information, see the Debian contact page. Web site source code is available.

Wed, Jul 25 Documentation An important part of any operating system is documentation, the technical manuals that describe the operation and use of programs. Quick start If you are new to Debian we recommend you start first by reading: Later you might want to go through: There is a fair bit of other documentation listed below.

These documents come in these basic categories: Back to the Debian Project homepage. This page is also available in the following languages: