While Tracy Hickman was ushering in the new style of D&D adventures, Gary Gygax was still producing adventures of the whimsical, fun-house. Published in , Dungeonland, like so many of the modules written by there are many places where the standard rules of D&D don’t apply. The Dungeon Land is a lot of fun, but we all know it’s als. world where the magic and wonder of D&D are focussed and come together to form.

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Dungeonland Ex1 Ad&d Advanced Dungeons Dragons TSR Gygax 9072

Dungeonland – your experiences? Results 1 sungeonland 9 of 9. Join Date Mar Location Far from the nearest settlement, away from traveled routes, and high upon a craggy hill. It is interesting to see how everyone’s experiences compared and differed. Dungeonland Did you Play or DM this adventure or both, as some did? What were your experiences?

Did you complete it? What were the highlights for your group? Did you play the second module of the series: Land Beyond the Magic Mirror?

Join Date Jan Location montgomery al Posts 3, Put a best friend off of rpg to this days. Bad horrible pick up group who some members last time I saw them wanted to join my regular group. I ran as new years even game.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Dungeonland

I should just started drinking when they arrive Took them 2 that is t. Warning if you have not dm this or play it. It a light hearted module base on Alice in wonder land. I have the second and will never run it. Jasper pulls out the Golden Shovel Wham!

Sorry I had to do that Quasqueton. Bring back BAD memories you know. Join Date Jul Location Lots of different places. A buddy and player in my group bought this and its sequel and worked them together into a single adventure.

We then devised a set-up whereby I would TPK the group and have them wake up in the shaft tumbling into Dungeonland, which my buddy would then run allowing me to play my ubercool fighter for a while. I ran the party through Ship of Horrors and wasted them with unfettered glee. My buddy Andy joined in the fun by f&d a few rival PCs into the dungonland before finishing himself off.


There are times when it is very good indeed to be a DM. While the other players sat there in shock, Andy and I swapped places – I busted out Ubercool Fighter he was 12th level by then and Andy took the spot behind the screen.

More priceless expressions from the other players. Andy at the time a psychology student with a deep fascination for serial killers unleashed all manner of demented hell upon us. The fact that everyone we met seemed to be clinically insane in one way or another freaked the entire group more than the Ravenloft game that had come before who cares about limbless zombies when the house is trying to dugneonland you?

We tried hard to keep dungeonlanf wits about us, up until the tea-party. My ubercool fighter ended up wearing the mad hatter’s hat and prancing naked through the grass and I’m not too sure what the rest of the group were up to, but it soon came to blows. We decided that we were well out of our league and were going to take no nonsense.


Review of EX1: Dungeonland

Or even very much time. I spent most of the rest of the session under the influence of haste spells having a potion of longevity in by bag helped – ubercool fighter became ubercool blender.

I did for the mimic in three rounds, the behir took two, the queen of hearts took two rounds and I made furry chunks of r&d white rabbit in one round, before the poor guy could even open his mouth.

If it looked like it came from a fairy-tale, we attacked it. If it spoke or moved, we attacked it. Heck, after the mimic, we weren’t even picky about that either. It became this dreadful excercise of psy-ops warfare, with us feeling like we were fighting a guerilla war against an enemy who would rather derange us than kill us. We eventually made it out, iirc, by animating a dead party member as a zombie and dungeonlad him to activate some kind of exit gate.


Don’t remember that bit too well, actually, as we were mostly engaged in furious arguments with the player of the now-zombified character. The plan, unfortunately, involved leaving the zombie behind and dd&d player was, well, less than content with that as a fate for his heroic and dashing &dd. Tough nuts, as they say. Join Date Apr Posts DM’d this and the sequel they weren’t bad. Our DM converted this one and the sequel into Rolemaster for us to go through.

They were awesome, but his conversion dungeolnand the Behir, with a lightining cone breath weapon, was nasty.

EX1 Dungeonland Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Module D&D RPG Game | eBay

Overall they were a nice break from an otherwise mostly serious campaign. Join Date Aug Posts 6, Then again, let’s not go to Castle Greyhaw, it’s a silly place. The humor was way too heavy handed, and well, dumb.

The Auld grump, who did not enjoy this adventure at all, at all Oooh, I died here! My final character in the “Classical Age” of my friend Bob’s campaign Barstool We were tpked by the behir, but it was a good run. I’ve never run this one myself. That makes it almost unusual for the ‘classics. Join Date Mar Posts Had a ton of fun running this, especially since my players didn’t realize what they were getting into until halfway through it! Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Tuesday, 4th August, Wednesday, 10th August, Return to Dungeonland long! Monday, 28th January, Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Reset Fields Log cungeonland.