The final issue of the six-part comic series telling the epic story behind Coldplay’s newest hit album and its enigmatic title “Mylo Xyloto”. With Major Minus. Coldplay announced on Tuesday the digital release of its “Mylo Xyloto” comic book series, based on the album of the same name. Coldplay is getting into the comic book business. A six-part Mylo Xyloto series, the first of which will go on sale at Comic-Con in San Diego this.

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The citizens of Silencia have long been suppressed under the iron grip of Major Minus, but now that the loyal soldier Mylo Xyloto has caught a glimpse of voldplay brighter universe, the world starts to change right before his very eyes. Prepare to experience the world of Coldplay in a whole new way with this brand-new coldpkay miniseries! The animated video serves as a prequel to the six-issue Mylo Xyloto monthly comic series to be released by Bongo Comics beginning February An exclusive making-of film for the video is available to Android users via the Xperia Lounge app http: Watch the video now at www.

Having entered the charts at Number One in 34 countries and sold more than six million copies, the story xylotoo Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto album is now set to be revealed, with the release of the first of a six-part comic series at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con International.


Said Coldplay on Coldplay. Gradually Mylo’s story and universe came together and this ended up providing the backdrop for the album and tour. Now we’re proud to announce that early next year the story is going to come out as a six-part comic.

Mylo Xyloto comic issue 2 out now

We hope you like it. It was fun making it.

It is the story of Mylo Xyloto, a young Silencer on the front lines of a war against sound and color in the world of Silencia. Mylo discovers that the enemy he’s been trained to hate his whole life might not be the enemy after all. There will hopefully be many, many connections for people who have heard the album.

I am beyond thrilled with the way it’s turned out.

On Friday, 13 July, the production team behind the comic will appear at a panel to discuss the series coldp,ay afterwards will be available for autographs in the official signing area. A limited supply of the exclusive edition of issue one will also be made available via the Coldplay. The six-part comic will then be released monthly from February The series will be available to pre-order via the Coldplay. What is Myloto Xyoloto, you ask?

Following the panel, join the team at an autograph session in the Sails Pavilion at AA02 from 2: Join the cast and crew of the Emmy award-winning series for world premiere footage of the all-new season on Comedy Central. Then, stay put in Ballroom 20 xylotp This handsome pg volume radiates its own greenish glow as only a book about the most famous superhero of the Plutonium Age of comics can.


Coldplay Reveal Full Page From ‘Mylo Xyloto’ Comic Book Series – Capital

Have you ever wondered how the ancient Olympic games began, or what sports Olympians first competed in, or why athletes competed in the nude? Well, Bart has all the answers to those questions and many more. Bongo has teamed up with the band and Mark Osborne Kung Fu Panda to present a six-issue miniseries that tells the epic story behind the story of the platinum-selling album Mylo Xyloto.

We’ve got the very first issue months before the series debuts, complete with a variant cover that won’t be available in stores. Our shiny RSS Feed!

Mylo Xyloto comic – the story behind the album revealed!

Recent Blog Posts Show me: Futuramaland Featured Books for Download Mylo Xyloto Prequel Video. It’s a pretty hectic schedule, but what the hey!

Bongo has a ton of goodies to share with our fans at Comic-Con this year.