Cisco RV Dual WAN VPN Router. Cisco Small Business RV0xx Series Routers Administration Guide (PDF – 2 MB). Cisco RVG Dual Gigabit WAN VPN. RVG Dual Gigabit WAN VPN Router: Access product specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and community content. Linksys QuickVPN Client Installation and Configuration User Defined WAN MAC Address To manually clone a. MAC address Configuration of the RV .

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Copyright a description of these icons: This check mark indicates that there is Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Introduction to the Router Table of Contents Appendix I: Warranty Information Exclusions and Limitations Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 1: Chapter 2 Product Overview Chapter 2: Reset The Reset button can be used for a warm reset or a reset to factory defaults. Chapter 3 Installation Chapter 3: Determine mnual you want to mount the Router.

Make Installation sure that the wall you use is smooth, flat, dry, and sturdy. Also make sure the location is within reach of an electrical outlet. Physical Installation Drill two holes into the wall. Nanual port, and then plug the power adapter into an Connect the other end to an Ethernet port on a electrical outlet. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration Chapter 4: This information is read-only. Underlined text Overview is hyperlinked to related setup pages, so if you click a hyperlink, the related setup screen will appear.

Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration System Up Time This is the length of time in days, hours, and minutes that the Router has been active. The current time and date are also displayed. The default is Disabled. The Router can be used in most network setups without changing any of the default values; however, you may need to enter additional information in order to connect to the Internet through an ISP Internet Service Provider maual broadband DSL or cable carrier.

Connect on Demand If you select the Connect on Demand option, the connection will be disconnected after a specified period of inactivity Max Idle Time.

Cisco RVG Manuals

If you have been disconnected due to inactivity, Connect on Demand enables the Router to automatically re-establish your connection as soon as you attempt to access the The maximum number of characters is Enter the Month and Day of the start date, and then enter the Month and Day of the end date.

The default is time. The Forwarding screen allows you to set up port range If the Service you need is not listed in the menu, click forwarding and port triggering applications. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration Some Internet applications or games use alternate ports to communicate between the server and LAN host. When you want to use these applications, enter the triggering outgoing port and alternate incoming port in the Port Triggering table. Then the Router will forward the incoming packets to the LAN host.


Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration If you want to modify a service you have created, select it and click Update this service.

Click Save Settings to save your changes, or click Cancel Changes to undo them. Click Exit to return to the UPnP screen. If you want to delete a service you have created, select it and click Delete selected service. For example, if your host name were myhouse. Chapter 4 Mahual Configuration Static Routing If the Router is connected to more than one network or there are multiple maanual installed on your network, it may be necessary to set up static routes. The static routing function determines the path that data follows over your network before and after it passes through the Router.

To use this service, select this option. Retry Count Enter the number of times the Router will try to reconnect if the connection fails. If you Lookup Host. Then enter the IP address. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration Bandwidth Management If you want to modify a service you have created, select it and click Update this service.

Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration Priority If you want to modify a service you have created, select it and click Update this service. Click Exit to return to the Bandwidth Management screen. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration The ping test bounces a packet off a machine on the Internet manyal to the sender. This test shows if the Router mmanual able to contact the remote host. This process from the Restart screen, then the Router will send out your log file before it is reset.

Then restart the Router so that the changes will take effect. Duplex Select the duplex mode, Half or Full. Port Receive Packet Count The number of packets received is displayed.

Download Manual for the Cisco RVG

Click the Restore to Default Rules to restore rc042 default rules and delete the custom access rules. Source Select the Source IP address es for the access rule.

If it can be any IP address, select Any. If it is a range of IP addresses, select Range, and enter the starting and ending IP addresses in the fields provided.

Enter the domain you want visco block. To add a domain to the list, click Add to list. To remove a domain fv042 the list, select the entry, and rrv042 the Delete selected domain. It ciscp the number of the VPN client. IP range Enter the range of IP addresses. The default is Domain Name Enter the domain name for authentication. Once used, you cannot use it again to create a new tunnel IP Range connection.


Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration a one-way hashing algorithm that produces a bit Manual digest. SHA is a one-way hashing algorithm that produces If you select Manual, you generate the key yourself, and a bit digest. SHA is recommended because it is more no key negotiation is needed. Select this option to use this feature.

Then select MD5 or requires 32 hexadecimal values. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration This allows you to identify multiple tunnels and does not have to match the name used at the other end of the tunnel. Enable Check this box to enable a VPN tunnel. The default is IP Only.

Cisco RV042G User Manual

Only the computer with a specific IP address will be able to access the tunnel. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration shared keys. There are three groups of different prime it is more secure. Both ends of the VPN tunnel must use key lengths. Group 1 is bits, and Group 2 is 1, bits. Group 5 is 1, bits. If the responders reject this proposal, then the requires 16 hexadecimal values.

If you do not enter enough Router will not implement compression. When the Router hexadecimal values, then the rest of the Encryption works as a responder, it will always accept compression, Key will be automatically completed with zeroes, so the Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration Generate Certificate Confirmation Export Certificate for Administrator The certificate for the administrator contains the private key and should be stored in a safe place as a backup.

If you reset majual Router to its factory visco, then you can import the certificate and restore it on the Router. The default is Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration your changes, and then restart the Router for the changes to take effect. E-mail You may want logs or alert messages to be e-mailed to you. If so, then configure the E-mail settings.

System Error Messages If this option is enabled, system error messages cisvo included. This option is enabled by default. Then click Next to continue. Click Exit if you want to exit the Setup Wizard. Select the appropriate connection type: Click Gateway fields with the settings provided by your ISP.

Click Next to continue.

Click Previous if you want to return to the previous screen. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration Save Settings. Allow or Deny If you want to save your changes, click From the drop-down menu, select Click Previous if you want to return to the previous depending on mannual intent of the Access Fisco. If it is one the Router to keep a log tracking this type of activity.

To keep a log, select Log packets match this rule.