by Chuck Traeger with David Brownell and William Merchant & Coda to Setup and Repair of the Double Bass — New Sound Setup Discoveries & Repair Tips. Chuck Traeger was a well-known player, recording artist, and bass luthier for controversial) books on repair and setup of the double bass are very popular. The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound by Chuck Traeger, , available at Book Depository with free.

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Thoroughly illustrated, pages. Some General Observations 2. Science Catches Up With Art 4. The Setup for Optimum Sound 6.

The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound : A Manual for Players, Makers, and

The End Pin 8. Making a Nut 9. Making and Positioning a Soundpost Section 1 General Outside Repairs Glues and Gluing Repairs to the Outside of the Body Lengthening or Shortening a Fingerboard Replacing a Fingerboard Fitting a shim under the Fingerboard Section 2 The Neck and Scroll Resetting a Neck Replacing an Entire Neck and Scroll Another Scroll Graft Installing a Fingered C Extension.


Opening for Repairs – Taking the Top Off Repairing the Back Ribs and Linings Installing a New Bass Bar Reshaping a Top Putting the Top Back On. Alternative Repair Techniques Adding a Big Piece of Top or Back Inletted Peg Box Repairs Shims in the Mortise for the Neck Dowel Pins in Bass Bar Preserving the Scroll with a C Extension Corners, Edges and Button Re-hairing the Bass Bow Other Bow Problems Specifications for Optimum Sound B.

Humidity and the Double Bass D. Contained herein are new sound setup discoveries and repair tips.

The book also features pictures of ten signed instruments by name makers, photographed by Bill Merchant. Before you start 2.

The Endpin – Mightier than the Sound Post 3. Simplifying Mode Matching 5. Making a Bass Brighter or Darker 6.

More About Sound Posts 7. Putting On the Strings 9. Things that Traeter the Sound. Before Beginning a Major Repair or Overhaul tgaeger A Shrunken Back Repair Five String Neck Thicknesses Flat Back Crossbars Don’t Be Upset When Self Service Repairs White Glue Warning The Must Be 3 C’s Site design, text and images copyright Lemuel Violins, This page updated January 16, Setup and Repair of the Double Bass, Book.


Download corrections to this book here PDF format. Table of Contents I. Dressing the Fingerboard III.

Writing an Appraisal Appendices A. Note from Lemuel Violins: A few of the repair method explained in this book recommend hardware methods which not all instrument makers are comfortable with performing on rare or expensive instruments.

Setup and Repair of the Double Bass, Book

These methods employ screws and other metal hardware. However, this is not meant to distract from the book, as there is a vast amount of material here indeed it is the finest work of its kind that we know of ; and there are competent makers that do perform hardware repairs to double basses.

Things that Hurt the Sound II.