Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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By default, only promise not repaired and generic error events are cfenginne to avoid flooding the Event Log. CFE Enterprise supports all of this, but we will just cover the basics in this document. CFEngine Enterprise documentatioh maintain complete control of the state of all Windows services. Posted by Anonymous On the down side it uses Ruby, isn’t as easy to install on Sarge and is less well known.

Execute the following command: The output should look like the following. This bundle promises to report on any class of hosts. This is convergence — CFEngine is ensuring the desired state.

What we’re going to do to manage packages is to copy two files to each client:. Several people have documentatiom I look at Puppet which is something I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

For example, services prone to security issues or errors can easily be given a disabled state. This will return to the prompt.

CFEngine 3.7 Manual

This example ensures that the Windows Time service is running on all Windows hosts, and that Remote registry is disabled on all Windows servers. System requirementsUp: All software dependencies are bundled with the CFEngine Enterprise package.

The example policy will now be executed every five minutes along with the rest cfngine your main policy. Now, go to your terminal documnetation. See the output below:. Bundles allow related promises to be grouped together, as illustrated in the steps that follow. I think that it will become much more popular when it becomes more mature – and then I can use cfengine to install it ; Steve.


You can turn on verbose logging to log all messages, like the following example. CFEngine Enterprise supports fine-grained management of the Windows registry. Posted by siprbaum The Docjmentation version of CFEngine Enterprise defines hard classes doocumentation pinpoint the exact version of Windows that it is running on, the service pack version and if it’s a server or workstation.

In order to remove values instead, we just need to adjust the policy slightly, resulting in the following bundle. CFEngine doesn’t like lines to be broken up like this.

A promise is a declaration of intent. For example, the getgid function does not return anything on Windows.

The result is that CFEngine is always waiting for the commands to finish execution before checking the next promise. We now have a basic skeleton policy that we can test our Windows promises with.

cfengine Documentation- GNU Project

Also note the registryvalue function which can be used to read out value data from the registry and act upon it. That is exactly what I’ve been longing for. You didn’t make all those changes last night did you? First of all, the class windows is defined on all Windows platforms. It is important that the installer is run with Administrative priviliges. CFEngine Enterprise communicates bi-directionally on portso make sure that this port is open for outgoing and incoming TCP connections.


These promises are encapsulated under the databases: To solve this, we place escaped quotes around the executable.

Cfengine is able to install software without any additional tools.

A potential problem source when writing policies for windows is that paths to executables often contain spaces. It may be necessary to add a reference to the standard library within the body common control section, and remove the bundlesequence line. Event logs are the Windows counterpart to syslog from Unix.

Thus, the parts of promises containing these features will be ignored. What is the advantage of autoapt. A service can also be given a running state, in which case CFEngine Enterprise ensures that it is running, and starts it if it is not, with parameters if desired.

Examples and Tutorials

You can install the license with the cf-key -l command — you will need to copy over the licensed public key as advised by cf-key -l. Additionally, Windows does not support that processes start themselves in in the background i.

You can download both from here:. As you get familiar with CFEngine, you’ll probably start shortening this cfenine to this equivalent:. Windows service managementPrevious: Steve, Thanks so much!

I’m hoping to get people at my current workplace into using it, since it looks much more high-level and flexible than cfengine, and supports using apt-get to install packages automatically, etc. Copyright Steve Kemp