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If you have to change your plaques d’immatriculations because you’ve bought a new car or changed cera just go to a garage. Bring your carte grise, you won’t have new plaques d’immatriculation unless you can show your carte grise.

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It will take only a few hours and cost around 50 euros it depends, prices are free so maybe it’s worth checking different garages before you choose one. A bill is the easiest What do you need for a duplicata? If you’ve bought your car in France: You’ll have to pay of course!!


When it’s all done. Back to ” carte grise “. Within 1 month after you’ve bought the car. It depends if the car you’ve bought is from a different department.

If you move, you must change your ” carte grise ” within 1 month because your address is written on it. It will be done immediatly, and it’s free. It depends if you bought your car in a different department. It’s the official certificate you must own and pay for! You also need an insurance. The owner of a car.

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When do I have to do this? As soon as you buy your car within 1 month. You can drive with your car during 1 month with this certificate. It’s a kind of check-up of your car!! When do I need it?

You’ll find the addresses and phone numbers. You crefa an appointment and it costs around 60 euros at least. If you need a “contre-visite”, you can still drive during a few months.

It’s written on your “carte grise” and the green sticker on your crfa window. So that during these months you can fix what’s wrong and take a second appointment. If you buy a second-hand caryou’ll have a new carte grise only from June the 15th. What will 1062 change for you? Back to the carte grise article. Published by escoffier sandrine – dans carte grise commenter cet article. Back to the “carte grise” article. Carte grise and change of address.


Carte grise, what cerf it? If my carte grise is stolen If I lose my carte grise How can I change the “plaques d’immatriculation”? For anyone who needs some help understanding French products, French cooking, French lifestyle and French administration. Your Christmas chocolates are online! Gourmet products, prices are down!